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RX 6900 XT overclocking, need help

Hi guys!

So I’m trying to OC my new RX 6900 XT’s.

This is what I got till now:

Shouldn’t the MH/s go more up than this? This is the most stable solution I got.

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I managed to play with it, and I got this:

Tho disapointing result for a gpu that costs like a 3090 :joy:


Hi cipher,

I also bought two 6900 xt but failed to introduce it to the system. How should I go about it? Can you help?

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Strange, why your 6900XT is recognized on HIVEOS but mine is not?

The card is visible but mining cannot be done. When I install the driver from Amd’s site, I get an error saying that it can work in ubuntu 20.04.

Well first thing, if you didn’t do is, install the “Alpha image” from this link:
You also need 8GB ram.
And also, as far as I noticed, when you set up everything, you cant just use any miner… For me phoenixminer-ver. 5.4b works. Also lolMiner v1.19 should work.
Then you can try overclocking it.
I just hope they fix all this soon, since I belive this card can go much more with MH/s!

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Hi, I also took a PowerColor 6900XT it does not recognize the type of memory and does not mine



Hi cipher,

Thank you for your help. I installed the beta system and ran the cards. As you said, the card can do more.

Currently oc ; between 64 Mhz and 66 Mhz mining

İyi Günler.

I also have amd 6900xt but it doesn’t work for me I tried 3 4 different versions but it didn’t work how did you manage it? I’ve done everything for the direction but can’t anyone help me too?

using teamredminer instead of phoenixminer, it should be working.

Used your exact settings for my 6800s, getting 62MH/s at 115W. Thank you so much !

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Hello. This is the best I can get with a 6900xt Saphire.

any ideas how to improve?



Hey Cypher, how did you setup the ref on those cards, I’m not getting the tweak option.
I’m using teamredminer.

This is my setup, somebody have best hashrate for the Sapphire Nitro ?

63.9 MH/s.

MPT to increase to 525W, TDC to 525 and TDC SOC to 80A.
Wattman to increase power by 15%
2120Mhz vram - fast timing
1340Mhz core clock

end result is 63.89 MH/s reported, and 140W.
Ethminer shows a current hashrate of over 70MH/s. Not sure why, maybe because all my jobs are over 20G

Sapphire Toxic Limited 6900XT.

Anyways 6900XT mining is for casuals, if you really want to mine sell it and get 5 3060ti’s.

I’m considering that.

how can uadd far timing in template ? can share u oc config ? i get 58mhs… idk why…

I can’t get my 6900XT to even be recognized by HiveOS. I downloaded the Beta. Any ideas?

It recognizes my 3070 that is in the same rig, although, the 3070 isn’t mining now that I added the 6900xt

That is despicable for the price of those cards…I am trying to mine with them. Question, does the rig have to be all AMD or NVIDIA?