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RX 6800 Tuning

What else can I adjust?

I run mine at Core 1350, MEM 1070, VDD 950, DPM 5, PL 125 and I get 62.26 MHs.

Exactly same settings here, except for PL 125 but cards are consuming 121W so it has no effect for me. And exactly the same hashrate, 62.26MHs. Just one thing to know: I’m running HiveOS 0.6-204. The 6800’s run at 60C and 121W. Any higher version, from 205 to 209, makes the 6800’s to go crazy. I’ve tried each and everyone of them. Power consumption reaches 126-128W and temperatures, well, up to 82C, in less than a minute. With the same config. HiveOS 06.-210 shows some improvement. Temperatures are now the same, but power consumption is still around 126-128W, roughly a 5% increase.