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Rx 6600xt

I just bought this card and trying to add it to my rig but it doesn’t work

. Please help.

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Pretty sure this card is not supported yet due to how new it is. I remember it took a bit for them to support the 6800 series as well. We should give them some time to catch up. I got 5 of these cards today hoping to make a beginner rig for a friend, so hopefully it works out

Have you been able to make it work somewhere else?

There is another thread on this. A few people are working on a work around. But for plug and play we would just have to wait until hiveos adds in the drivers and support for it. Not sure if it’s on the roadmap or not.

Current Beta Image has drivers for RX 6600 / 6600 XT. It’s allow minining with stock settings.
Stable Image need to be updated to add support for this GPU
Anyway overclocking not supported yet but it will be added with next client update 0.6-208

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I installed my new RX 6600 XT. Running the card under HiveOS Beta.

OC Settings not available yet.
My ETH test results. Keep in mind still need to drive down the wattage when OC is available in HoveOs for this card.

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whats the difference between hiveos beta and regular hiveos?

Beta has newer Linux kernel then current Stable Image 5.10 vs 5.4. All other functions the same

Any idea on when the update 0.6-208 release is due?

RX 6600 XT Mining Profitability on Ethereum (ETH), ERGO Coin, ETC and Ravencoin

My findings on the RX 6600 XT Mining Profitability on Ethereum (ETH), ERGO Coin, ETC and Ravencoin.

Its out now

Awesome so this is beta, or its already in classic Hive OS, it looks like u are able to OC 6600 XT, that would be awesome i just bought 9pcs today!

I was running on the beta, and did the upgrade straight from there. I assume this puts me on the stable release, as all my other rigs were also able to update. You just want to make sure you are on hive version 0.6-208@
Have fun!!

Hoping they lift the ‘lock’ on mem clock, right now 1075 is as high as it goes :confused:

it’s fully supported now with version 06.209

I cannot get my new RX 6600 to work. I have updated to the latest stable build and using Trex miner.
5.4.0-hiveos #140

It’s working now using NBminer and I am getting a better hash for my RTX 3060ti.
This looks like a very decent AMD card.

My best OC

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Did u have some invalid shares? I have like 244 accepted and 8 rejected, what do you think? (i have your same settings)

100% accepted never have 1 rejected or invalid
Try lower clock on memory