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RX 5700 XT Red Devil Cards - Low Hash Rate (700KH)

I currently have two cards hooked up. Beta version of hive OS installed but my cards are not mining what they should be stock. I have not made any modifications to them such as flashing BIOS. I just want them to run stock. Can anyone please help me? I am not sure what information you needs but I will post some pictures below.

This is a fresh setup. Nvidia cards work on it fine(3060TIs) new everything. I tried multiple raisers, motherboards, RAM 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and I have a 1000W PSU feeding the current setup.

What am I missing? Please help.

Download the latest stable version of hive os… Its universal image…!!!

I tried to do that first and it did not work. I saw everyone referring other in the forums to use the beta for the new 5700XT. I could try again but it didn’t work earlier today…

I went back to the stable version, no change. What am I missing? I get a kernel load error at the very beginning and the cards default to openCL which I think is normal with AMDs based on what I read. I think something is off with my miner configuration on the flight sheet. I see others that get theirs to work with the same version of OS and Kernel that I have so in my opinion it has to be a setting.

Could it be the card memory or flight sheet settings?

Check my settings and the version i m running… im stable with this…

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what miner you run and what pool?

Running this pool and miner.

In your situation i try Phoenix or team red miner … also pool hive os… to find my solution!

change your miner to pheonix with hive pool you sholuld get better results

I will go give these options a shot right now. Will post results shortly. Thank you.

Got it going!!! Thank you.
Now its overheating. lol. I have not overclocked it.

good news feel free to copy my settings put fan watchdog on too that helps you need to reduce power 200w is high

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p.s your temps not that high only the memory which mine do get high a lot when my door is shut on my garage

Scott, thank you so much for sharing this with me. I am very new at this so sorry for the silly questions. I can’t figure out how to set the 770/768 because I can’t see the headings. So I am doing it this way but I can see its wrong.

no worries im quite new too youll get the hang of it lol

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some of my cards are bios modded too (the ones getting 55mh ) thats for later lol

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out of interest where did you get your cards ?

yeah for sure. just trying to get my stuff up and running at the moment. Thank you very much for all your help. I am going to turn it on now and see what it does.

I got them on . I think they are out but you can still order the basic 5700 XTs. they are 3-4 month out on back order.

Good luck if if you need more help ill try my best