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RX 570 4GB how much Mhash is normal for Ethereum mining

Hello, I am a new in HiveOS.
Few days ago I bought second hand rx570 4GB and install Hive OS to get the maximum from it. I put it on PCI-E 16x slot . My hash rate is about 19.3MH/s, is that normal or I can squeez more.

I dont want to open a new topic and I go to my second question. Does anybody know why my second card rx5700 PCI_E 1x on extention is working with floating hashrate from 48 to 57MH/s.
HiveOS is booted form USB flash drive 8GB

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Hello there!

Unfortunately the 4gb rx570 aren´t the most appropriate card to mine ETH, because of the DAG file size, that as already surpassed the 4gb size.

Here you can see the actual info.

As for the rx 5700 i dont know exactly what could be the cause. Maybe instability because of overclocking or undervolting.
There are severall guides on the web, you can google for.
As for average values it seems about right.

Some examples.

Hope i could help.

Hello, I know about the DAG file, but I am want to know what performace rx 570 4gb has right now. If there is someone to share his stats.
For rx 5700 , I mine with it couple of weeks on WINDOWS 10 , and after BIOS flash I have stable 58.2Mh/s with Phoenix miner and about 56.2 with LolMiner with the same values.

Here is some more info regarding 4gb cards.

Hope it helps.

Did you plug the 570 directly into the 16x slot or did you use a riser? Ive heard both.

directly on 16x

Hello everyone. I put my rx570 to PCI Express x16 directly, modded bios but hashrate is 3,5Mh. What could be wrong? Does PCI Express x16 need to be Gen3? Mine is Gen2.

The problem for me is solved. I had 20Mh with gen3 x16, after I moded the timings with PolarisBiosEditor I have 26.4Mh

Which timings did you change? Can you send me PM?


Mind giving me pointers to get better hash rates?

I’m currently mining (3 days) with nicehash on windows 10 at approx. 8Mh using the rx570 4gb graphics card.

How can I improve this?

Hi. Could you please give us a screenshots with detailed info?

have you done the bios for RX 570?
i am getting with OC settings

Which version of bios did you used For rx570 4GB?

Which miner? Any special settings? I only get 3 MH with teamredminer and --eth_4g_max_alloc=4075
the card is in a pci-e 16 slot (pci-e full size extension cable)

Hola debes ponerlo en lolminer yo consegui 20 mh/s

Me podrías ayudar con eso ?

First use some Linux, I use Hiveos;
Second put the video card directly on PCI-E 16x slot, do not use any pci-e extenders.
Third use only Lolminer ver. 1.22 or later, I use 1.24a
Then overclock the timings of your video RAM, I overclock the bios with PolarisBiosEditor.
I’ve got about 24-25Mh at the moment, also I set up REF on 30.
I think that the memory clock is not so important. I tryed 2100Mhz and 2000Mhz the result for me is the same.

XFX x470 4G , optimize the bios

Polar bios autopatch

To activate zombie mode you have to follow these steps
First edit (Flight Sheet) → select lolminer latest version, then click on (Setup Miner Config) find the filed (Extra config arguments:
) insert this code to active zombie mode : –benchepoch 389 –keepfree 40 --4g-alloc-size 4078

Then restart miner