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RTX3060 12GB results here

Same Issue, the rtx3060 won’t start mining.! I have tried to reinstall, use another slot, (its from KFA2) Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 19.57.25|690x68

Did you double check your miner config?

did you mean hive os config? - i set rig id and password on startup. could not change rig.config on ssd from mac cause its read only drive.

i have some addition infos if it helps:

Mainboard: Conda D1800 BTC 4 GB Ram, Intel Celeron J1800

No i mean the miner config in your flight sheet.

Which miner software are you using? And which pool are you mining on?

This article relates to non-3060 gpu’s that have already been sold such as the 3060 ti, 3070, 3080 and 3090.

I have 2 RTX 3060 and a Asus Prime z590-p on Windows/HiveOn pool.
Dev Driver already installed.

As per the specs the MB it can run pcie x16 or x8/x8:

I actually configured it in the BIOS to run x8/x8 but I can’t get it to work properly.
First GPU: 49mh/s
Second GPU: 25mh/s

The first GPU that is running at 49mh/s is connected to a dummy HDMI and it drops to 25mh/s if I remove the dummy as expected.
The weird thing is that I have connected the monitor to the second GPU and I’m still getting 25mh/s.

What I’m I doing wrong???

How did you manage to get the 3060s up and running? What is your version of Nvidia?

Nothing wrong I guess, I can’t make it run at 48mh on the second pcie slot either, only the first one. even with only one card on the 2nd slot

Did you read through the whole topic?

It is not more profitable to buy 2-3 motherboards with 2-3 PCI x16 and mine in w10 ETH ??? 46-50 Mh/s ETH

In youtube 7 x 3060 in 1 mother with risers pci x16 and dummys and 49Mh x 7 in ETH.

ETH hash limiter. Card is good at other then ETH…

yes for sure!
as far as I understand, only the first pcie, which is controled by the pcie lanes of the cpu can achieve 48mh/s with the 3060 12GB.
The second pcie, if controled by the chipset, doesn’t.

My RTX 3060 12GB from Palit is dooing 26,56 MHs … on a Z77 mainboard

  • plugged in into first PCIE16 slot.
  • HDMI-Cable connected.
  • hivos [email protected]
  • N460.67Nvidia Driver


Is there ANY way to put more than 2 RTX 3060’s in a single rig?
I saw above that GreenIce Tea put 8 3060’s in a rig.
Can anyone help? :slight_smile:

It is simple :wink: . On this board 7x …

it’s 48mh/s only on windows, with 470.05 developper drivers

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You need motherboard that support 16x on multiple ports or 16x and 8x rest of them
you need also passive PCIE risers and you need HDMI dummy plug to fool the gpu your connecting the gpu to a monitor.

you will be looking for workstation motherboard based on Socket LGA 2011 or LGA 2011 V3 and old Intel workstation CPU.

last you will need Beta driver mentioned above and windows OS. then your ready to go

Example :

My old gaming PC based on LGA 2011 , the board have 7 PCI slots but limitation to the board I can run only 4 cards , 16x 8x 8x 8x so my best option 4x 3060 non ti @ 48 mhs each. @ 196 mhs for one rig

with all this headache the card is painful to run for ETH, and if your going to source those LGA 2011/2011V3 boards there prices are already like 3x or 4x times used/new.

Let it go if you want to consider ETH with RTX 3060

Make sure the motherboard’s BIOS is set to run Gen3 speed on ALL the PCIE slots as well as x8 (minimum). Also make sure whatever CPU you’re using will support the amount of PCIE lanes you’re trying to use. That’s where I’ve found a lot of people are messing up when trying to use more than 1 3060, either their CPU won’t support it or the motherboard’s BIOS isn’t set correctly.

I have 4 3600’s plugged into an old Rampage V Extreme motherboard with a Xeon processor using these PCIE risers

Works like a champ and does 198Mhs without issue.