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RTX A2000 temperature issues

Hi guys do You have temp issues on RTX A2000?


theyre intended for high airflow server environments

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yes, you need a server case to have it working better , i have 60° C also here , and we are in winter , i think the only problem of these perfect GPU will be the summer …

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just got it few hours ago , i got 30 pieces , please everyone share his setting , i need to find the balance with hashrate and temperature (lifespan)

Check this video - You can find something for You:

this is windows , not hive

i love these cards , but i think will be an impossible mission to keep it cool … i have a server case with 6 inside, and 6 extra fans, all are at 70 Celsius at 38mh (at 74 °C and 42mh is thermal throttling) , maybe they can last longer like this … but when spring comes it will be impossible

fianlly , inside a proper server case with a lot of ventilation the temperature now is very good .
60 °C with no problem .
650W at the wall


@scubammx Which server case did you ultimately use and what did you change?

Could you perphaps share a photo of your current rig and link your server case?

Planning on buying them to, therefore your help would be really nice. All in all: Would you recommend them for those 650€?

I use a Rack 19" server case , it costs about 130/150 euro with 6 120mm fans …
i had to rotate 180 degrees the fans cause they are pushing air towards the RTX a2000 , while them are pushing hot air our from their grills …
for the price , it depends where you live , i am in italy and 650 euro could be a fair price i think .
there is nothing that costs this price and gives you 40+MHS ,expecially at 75/80w at the wall


Do you tried to open one A2000 and look at the cooler and thermal pads? I think they are using very bad thermal pads, thats why the temperature is so bad. Would be nice, if someone would try to change the thermal pads, to see, if it helps like on 3090/3080

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it could be interesting , but i think this is not the solution, the dissipating problem is due the veri small fan (is 4/5cm diameter ) and the compact shape …
workstation GPU are like this …

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@scubammx Do you have a temerature difference if you turn off the outpushing fans in the rear, like in this configuration with only input fans:

A case with front and rear fans cost me twice as much, so I would only have front input fans. But does it make a big temperature difference?

Can you perhaps test it?

give me a couple of days i will do a fast check

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I think these card are by far the best value for money (EUR/MH) now on the market if you can cool them properly. Do you know anything about their MH with different algos? (Only after ETH2.0 of course!)

Could you test it?

is this the case from inter tech 4w2?

the air must be let from the front to the back, therefore the gpu are installed the wrong way round.
The server cases are for the garbage can, if you do not turn the GPU position by 180 degrees, warm air always has to go to the back.

i turned the fans by 180° and the air iway is from the back to the front , this way is perfect, there is no way to turn the gpu by 180° my friend.

you have to take a drill and drill some holes, then you can turn them around, now you pull the warm air from the PSU and motherboard through the GPUs.

So you have to be a bit handy, the construction of the case is a fatal flaw.