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RTX 3080 non-lhr Low Hashrate Problem

I got 94.3 Mhs but i know in this cards we can give 100 Mhs
my oc is
Pl: 230

when i go more than 1300 MC, whole system will crash and rebooted i got 97 Mhs but not stable and crashes. I don’t have any thermal issues, i test all in windows , just blue screen in windows and TDR FAILURE error, but in 1300 mc all is good and stable
GPU temp is 40-44 and Junction Temp is 80-86
some one told me you must Flash Your Bios,have any one this issue?

Try bumping the core clock up a little, max fan speed and then try to raise mem clock.

i do that, but whole system crashes, also i updated the bios to the version that i see many people got more than 100 Mh/s
I think my GPU is Faulty and maximum of hashrate from it is 95 Mh/s

I see many people have my problem and after all of they do , they have to sell and buy another card , but that thing i really want to know is this gpus is also faulty for gamers or not?can i sell it to a gamer person and he have not any problem with that?

If it’s hitting 95 it’s not faulty, it could probably use more airflow or upgraded thermal pads though.

even i dont have thermal throttling in monitor screen and HWinfo, is it possible to have a thermal issue?

check with nvidia-smi -q | egrep "Thermal Slowdown"

can u tell me how can i use this code in hive os?

in the worker screen click menu> run command

i run this command but give error and say not found

when you copy and paste the " it changes them from " " to “ ”, manually type them

you right! Thank you

HW Thermal Slowdown : Not Active
SW Thermal Slowdown : Not Active

this massages comes to me

I’m Sure Im in a Cool Position

thats good, try upping the core clock to 1080, set 100% fan and see if you can then up the memory. if hashrate stops increasing check if throttling and lower slightly

I have HW Thermal Slowdown : Not Active
SW Thermal Slowdown : Active

Running 100% fan?

How bad is that for the card?

better than running the memory at 110c

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