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RTX 3080 freezes

Hi there,

I have water-cooled rig with 4x RTX 3090 and 2x RTX 3080. Both 3080 are the same Gigabyte Gaming series. One of them works perfectly, 98MH/s, no problem. The second one still freezes on 0MH/s after some time. If I overclock it to the same values like the first one, it goes 97,…MH/s but after approx 10 minutes goes to 0MH/s a and Hive is restarting. If I overclock it less (1800MHz memory and 200W power limit) it can mime for about 1-3hrs but then 0MH/s again.

I tested it in Windows to see memory temperatures and this is ok (about 90°C).
I changed pads for 2 times for sure but no effect. Any ideas where can be the problem?

Maybe it’s a power problem… Check your cables from psu to Gpu… connect your risers with 6 pin only!!!
What model and type of psu u have?

It is Gigabyte P850GM. Only 2 cards per PSU. I do not expect it could be the problem. I can switch the cables and PSU. Let’s see.

Also a good idea is to change risers if you have…
How you connect 2 Gpu 's with risers in this Psu?

it is connected via SATA…

Change it to 6 pin …!!!Asap!!!

Done. I have reduction 8pin CPU → 8pin (6pin) PCI-E. I used it and now I am testing.

I thing u have from this Psu 3 cables for Gpu’s? it is correct?
And your Gpu 's take one 6 pin and one 8 pin correct?

No. 2 cables with four 8pin PCIE. And 2 cables with 8pin CPU. GPU has 2 8pin inputs.

So… One cable with 8 pin to each card (2 cards) and for risers connect molex (cable with four pins) two different cables if you have… The CPU cable they need special cable to use it for GPU…

doesn’t help. Still 0MH/s in some while… I try to change the riser

If u take foto with cable management may help…

From tommorow and still stable. I overclocked less to -300 gpu, 1650 mem, 230W pow. limit and works fine. Hash is 95,5MH/s. I had no idea that card could has problem with less then 1800 :frowning:

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