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RTX 3070 Ti FE Hive Os LHR 75% unlocked settings


Now looks better with little reducing on core and mem clock.

Hello, mine makes me very unstable, I don’t know if it is the configuration or the update of the hiveos

Yes, it looks like latest hiveos uodate fucked it up everyrhing, my settings doesnt work anymore, hash rate is all over the place. I will have to downgrade to the previouse version and try settings again.

If I think that’s the problem. Anyway, if you make any changes and it works for you, please let me know, thanks.

Yah, same after updating to 1.34 lolminer version, become unstable. The way we should back to previous version.
Just go to flight sheet there is option to select miner version. (1.33)


They have actualy confirm that issue🤷‍♂️

This is my attempts of making changes and trying to find stable configuration​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: but​:crossed_fingers: back to normal after downgrading lolminer to 1.33 version, hash 57mh/s again​:point_left::ok_hand::muscle::clap:

excuse me, I’m having problems with mining rigs restarting frequently, watchdog notifications don’t exist. Has anyone experienced anything like me? thanks for the response

Hello, and the version of hiveos and nvidia which one you keep.

Its the update bug that causing this issues. What mining pool do you using? Try to change to the earliest version, dont use the latest one.

Hi, I’m using lolminer, the problem is that I don’t know which version of hiveo is correct, from nvidia I’m using 470.74

It is no problem for hiveos version, what you need is use lolminer version 1.33 as the latest version 1.34 have bugs that makes unstable.

Do you guys know if a 3070ti FE works with 460.39 driver? I’m mining with a 3060v1 with miniz and 460.39 driver and i don’t know if i can use both 3070ti and 3060v1 in the same rig with same driver.

Nvidia 470.74 is correct version for lolminer 1.33

It does works, however if you are using lolminer 1.33 then 470.74 nvidia driver is recommended.

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Good hashrate :+1: Lolminer 1.33? Wich drivers version?

I use poll ethermine, thanks for the advice. now it’s back to normal. I think there is a bug