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RTX 3070 Ti FE Hive Os LHR 75% unlocked settings

This is my settings, stable so far, its been running for over an hour. I will test over night to see if I have any invalid shares. So far so good.


Haben Sie auch Foundry Edition rtx 3070 ti FE Grafikkarten?

English please and yes it is rtx 3070 ti founders edition.

Sorry for the German, I was not recognized foundation graphics books, but it seems that the real cause was the new risers 009s, picture,

Not at all I have 009’s risers too and is working no issue.
Try this:

  1. Turn rig off, remove motherboard bios batterry to reset bios
  2. Change riser (maybe faulty)
  3. Change pcie settings in bios to gen2
  4. After downgrading nvidia drivers hiveos didnt recognize any of my cards, just gone crazy. So have to re-install hiveos on my ssd

Hope this help

I put another older version of the 006 c riser, and it works fine now

12h later and is still working, no invalid shares.

u can see my settings this lhr cards makes me crazy
i have 2x 3080 same settings + 2x 3070 ti same card also same settings but look at the pic. results always different.

Yep☝ I agree. Setting core to 0 rises temperature and wattage, so set a bit higher and watch results. Also fan dont have to be 75% leave it on outo, otherwise will draw more energy again. But what is working for me does t always works for others.

But there is so little information for setting up oir cards that why I decided to post it.

Also who you mining with? Im mining with lol miner. T-rex seems to be unstable and hash is all over the place.

16h and 100% shares accepted, none invalid. Wattage 991W temp reasonable and fans not going crazy.

miner : lolminer
nvidia driver.470.74 for now works well
just we need
ultimate settings for this lhr cards

We have ultimate settings see below:

6xRTX 3070Ti FE
Nvidia driver 470.74
Core 1450 mem 2650 PL 250
Temp between 58-70*
Fan between 40-47%
Power consumption 1160W at the socket

Working for me.

Thank you for infomation. Lolminer is better than t-rex.

Hi everyone,

is the power consumption around 170-180W or it can be lower ?

Mine is between 150-190W

Very nice, Im waiting for 2 more cards too.


Mine one of GPU have a different behavior, less than other with same parameter. Do you have idea about it? Thanks.

it can be two reason:

  1. set higher PL, 250 for example
  2. you need decrease temperature of card