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RTX 3060 ti LHR overclock setting

hello, yes I did. I updated the nvidia drivers to the 510.68.02 version. I had to get the OC to 0 although… idk why, I´ll try to do something today, but I have my cards runing pretty well compared with what it was before.

I´ll try what xandi8207 said…

good news thanks for the tip
I see the cards are running a bit hot
have you tried any other OC settings?
I got my drivers updated and all is well

thank you again

every time I upgrade, I run this command with the miner off:
apt install --reinstall -y nvidia-settings
and reboot after

I’m also using T-Rex and I suggest increasing the PL for each LHR card, as now the cards are unlocked to 80% and I guess they need more power

not me… when I try to put some OC on my cards the just crash, then when I reboot it they start lowing down the MH down to 80MH in total, with 4 3060 TI’s, wich usually give me 162MH. Also, before this last upgrade I used to have up to 185MH… idk what’s happening fr

whats your driver version

I believe its

N 510.68.02

Try mine…

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at every miner i have this problem,
19:19:05 GPU0: DAG has been damaged, check overclocking settings and with every OC settings, can’t change.
card work half-1h and than hash dropped.
model gigabyte 3060ti gaming v2.

does anyone know what to do ?

Which miner are you using?


can you send me a copy of the bios version for the 3060ti? my video cards don’t work that stable :frowning: i think i want to test about bios if it is suitable for you

mail : [email protected]

Guys, i have a problem. My rtx 3060 ti start with error. Any idea?

error 1

with nbminer almost 10 minutes error

lower your memory clock. Start at 800-1000 and increase from there. Hynix memory is horrid.

Also, you need to restart your rig. Whenever you lose the fan speed, restart as your card crashed