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Rtx 3060 Ti LHR on Ergo and Rtx 3070 No LHR


I just bought a Rtx 3060 Ti LHR and i succeed to do configure with Ergo and it s equal to a Rtx 3070 No LHR .

Here the config :



That about what I’m getting w/ my 3060ti LHR. However, at ~130MH, the profitability is only $2.67/day, which is equiv to my 2070.

yes you are right but your 2070 this is not with Ergo , this is with Eth

My 3060ti LHR on ETH, profitability was $1.60-$1.80, so it’s better on ERG, but still sucks. Maybe, dual mining would help.

What Driver are you`re using ??
3070 is mining ETH at 126.9mhash/s ??

I think you must get 175Mh on Ergo! Here is Sebs test

Sebs using windows.
I`ll not comment it on Hive Forum as i should… ;}

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Which miner?

I`m having ~129mhash/124Wat on 3060Ti LHR and 179mhash/172Wwats on 3070 Ti LHR
Nbminer 3.9, 465.31 driver

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thanks for sharing your configuration, it helped me. I attach a screenshot.

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Hi, @Dengar are you using Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti GAMING OC PRO 8GB V3 LHR Graphics Card? I just ordered this card and noticed some comments as V3 cards stuck with 90Mh Ergo

here my rtx 3070 non LHR (top) and rtx 3060 LHR (bottom)
you should get about atleast 165mhs for 3060ti

Hello ,
what is your config ?
i will test it .


yes this is a RTX 3060 Ti GAMING OC PRO 8GB V3 ,

This is my last results :

Any one can do better with RTX 3060 Ti GAMING OC PRO 8GB LHT ?

Thx for help


It works very well on my 3060 Ti LHR too. Thank you so much!

Hey guys, just chiming in here, 2 x 3060 TI (msi gaming trio Z, whatever)

Managed to get this stable, this LHR stuff is super finicky… Temp also seems to be a factor.

Also had to redo my settings after plugging in the second one.

Anyway, I seem to be getting the best results with a negative core offset, memory OC doesn’t do much on my setup, power limit I have to cap on 112. All in all pretty happy with this, was aiming for 130, hope some more hacks turn up… The nvidia smi locking the clock and stuff didn’t really do much on my rig.


Hi everyone,
here are my settings for my 5 x 3060Ti LHR and 1 x 3070 non LHR.
Can’t put same settings on all cards as hashrate drops down to 85-90.


Do you guys also have the problem that you have to start tweaking again after a reboot? A working OC profile will just trigger LHR to fire up and I usually end up with slightly different settings. Couple mhz here and there before I get back to “proper LHR” performance.