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RTX 3060 Hashrate Limiter Hacked For Windows...but what about HIVE OS LINUX?

Hey guys, with the recent news of the RTX 3060 limiter being removed by using the NVIDIA WSL 470.05 BETA drivers in Windows does anyone have a 3060 they have gotten this working on yet in HIVE?

If someone can confirm a 59-60mh/s rate on the 3060 (not TI) then I’m about to buy 6 of them today from local guys LOL.



I can confirm MSI 3060 2 fan 48MH/s under windows 10


Is that with OC turned on or base rate?

Yes core -400 memory +1400 pl 73 temp 44 0 reject from 15

Ok thanks.

Are you using that 470.05 beta driver too?

48 mh/s is still pretty crappy…

Yes on guru 3d You can still fund this driver

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Awesome thanks for the help!

Now if we can figure out how to install this to HIVE OS Linux that would be awesome.


Hey so all I could find on Guru 3d was the file called 470.05.rar but when I open it its a ton of files and sub directories…how do you actually install that?

Found the actual installer here if anyone needs it:

I’ve checked the package, and I’ll try to replace the original driver. There are some .so libraries

I have a lack of knowledge of Nvidia modules.
¿Couild someone reply me which name of nvidia modules are important? I would be a start point.


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Awesome thank you! I wish I could help on the Linux side but I don’t know it.

Is there anyway to reach the Hive OS dev team on here?

Looks pointless. There’s 3 .so for Cuda, and no .ko for kernel module. Seems not to be so “charming” :smiley: .

There a lot of sources needed, or shared libraries

there are so much restrictions right now;
-it wont work in linux
-it wont work with risers you should use original pciex slots
-it wont work unless you plug it to a monitor
-it wont work if you plugged more than 2 card to a motherboard.

so it seems to be able to use 3060’s in a multiple gpu rig, we need more than a driver to bypass all these restrictions maybe a hacked bios and a driver for it etc.

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Oh ok thanks for the extra info.

Two questions about connecting multiple 3060. I’ll have 4 of them, now I have two.

  • Can you mine ETH at full speed with the first one and CFX with the second one, at full speed
  • Do connecting a second 3060 affects the performance of the second one, in terms of ETH mh/s


I can confirm as well on my Aorus Z390 Master motherboard that I’m getting 49.8 on both of my 3060’s using about 130W each with the Dev driver. Works beautifully!!

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Don’t forget, they also have to be in an x8 mode slot.

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Adding a second does not seem to affect the performance of the first one, and yes to your first question.

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  • Yes, it work with risers as long as they are x16 to x16
  • You can use a dummy hdmi plug instead of plugin it to a monitor
  • It works with multiple cards at the same time as long as the motherboard accepts multiple pcie 3.0 x16 or x8 slots.

More info: RTX 3060 with 470.05 not hashrate restricted | guru3D Forums


with hiveos???

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