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RTX 3060 Hashrate Limiter Hacked For Windows...but what about HIVE OS LINUX?

no it’s gotta be with windows 10.

It’s probably gonna be a while until this driver can actually be used with linux/HiveOS.

I’m just building a dedicated windows-rig for it instead until this is all worked out.
Got three of em so won’t be that big of a hassle.

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Hello All,

I would like to confirm, that it works. I have Palit RTX 3060 on PCIe slots in my mono ASUS MAXIMUS IX APEX. For now it works only for Windows users with 470.05 driver. I believe that guys from HIVEOS team figure out how to implement driver to HIVEOS.
I reached stabile 48MHs with -400MHz (GPU clock) +1230MHz (Mem clock) and power limit 77% and for me HDMI works correctly.

I am not sure if I use one more RTX 3060 in next PCIe slots with same results. Somebody with experience?
Next question: If I use next rtx 3060 in second PCIe slots can I connect next 4 GPU with risers? Someone tried?

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Yes I am using two right now, using also a hdmi dummy, but it works, roughly 98-99 mh/s, I think I can get over 100, but I have no time to tweak

As long as the pcie slots are x8 or x16, it will work.

OK, In this case when two rtx 3060 are in PCIe slots. It is possible to connect two more cards (not 3060) via the riser? Can I combine rtx with rx in windows?

I have two each in PCI 16…one is cca 45 and second only half (22,5) and I dont know how to fix it :frowning:

May I ask how you can reach 99 Mh/s with two cards in one PC?
I use nicehash have a new drivers, but first goes about 45 and second 22mh/s …

Interesting, what kind of motherboard do you have?

I think that you can use a cpu like Celeron, with x16 pci lanes, and split them into 2 8x. You’ll have to boot by usb and don’t use any other pcie device like m.2 nvma ssd

Here are some observations I have made.
windows 10, 470.05 driver
I have a gaming motherboard with 3 PCI-e x16 slots
I turns out the last one is only 1/4 full of pins and can not get a full hashrate on eth.
The first two work fine. I have tested Gigabyte, Asus, and palit 3060s.
It works only with 3gen or auto selected in bios. When switching to 2gen its throtling down.
Ports have to be contaminated with some device or blind plug. A device doesnt have to be powered.
You can use multiple cables from one monitor and it will work. Just a cable itself plugged in doesnt work.

Did anyone try m.2 to pci-e x16 adapter?

What is your mobo and CPU? Maybe CPU PCIe lines are limited as was mantioned above.

I have been testing on
i9 9900k - Z390-h gaming
one of two m.2 is popuated with disk.

The last slot is only x4 and that’
s the problem i think.

max 45:/ but only in w10…and I am amateur :slight_smile:

Do you have any update about when it will be working in hiveos?

Remember everyone, along with the required Dev driver, an HDMI header/monitor, and OC’ing it through Afterburner, yes it requires (2) x16 slots BUT they have to be running in a minimum of x8 mode or it WILL NOT WORK. Plugging the 3060’s into an x16 slot and wonder why it won’t work? Check your motherboard’s documentation to ensure the slot is at least x8 mode.

Also I’ve found that on newer motherboards, it requires Gen3 for the speed but on older motherboards, auto works perfectly. I’ve tested this on an Aorus Pro Wifi motherboard and it required Gen3 for the slots but on an OLD Asus motherboard, auto worked fine.

And please stop asking if this is supported on HiveOS, the short answer is no. We’re waiting to get a Linux driver to unlock the 3060’s the same way the Dev driver does.

Nvidia “apologies” for the driver, and said that it was not a code for run on production; it was for development purposes. I guess that functionality will not be out again in an official driver

As I see, some expert mind on nvidia has to decode what is the difference between the current driver, 470 driver and 470 official driver, and see which is the difference, in terms of instructions. Maybe a kind of MOV or ST with some kind of magic number will unlock this. I bet my two cents that nvidia will remove that microcode on 470 official driver.

So far, for me was very difficult to find a motherboard with 2x PCIe 16x, running both at 8x. Motherboards with chipsets for LGA1200 have all the second one PCIe 16x at 4x.

I’ve found an Asus Maximus VI , with 3x PCIe x16, can run the first two at 8x. I’ve bought one of that, but are super hard to find

I see. I have also gaming mobo with two dimm.2 slots. Acording to me its next PCIE line so it should work. I ordered adapter m2 to Pcie and am going to test.

I’ve found that a SSD **NVMe 960 EVO ** is a 4x PCIe 3.0 x4. This requires 4 lanes of PCIe, and theoretically, it should not work. If there’s something that bypasses Nvidia protection because of M2 form factor, you’ve found a gold mine, because you can connect two 3060 without buying a new mobo.
Normally, m2 risers are 1x PCIe, but it’s a very good try :slight_smile:

Would these two motherboards be viable for 2 3060s each?

ASUS Prime Z490-A
ASUS Prime Z270-A

Thanks for the help.

Yes, asus prime z490-A is a good one. It’s socket LGA1200
Z290-A is also good, but with socket LGA1150

Mi list for LGA1200 is:

Gigabyte Z490 VISION G

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