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RTX 2060 Super (Samsung Memory)

Dear all,

Would like to seek advise on my RTX 2060 Super Invalid Shares issue on ETH.
I have tried most popular preset OC setting with absolute core clock, and anyhow it seems still persist no matter what memory I update.
Initially I set memory to 2900 or 2600 which I could get 45 / 46MHs but with invalid shares.
So I lower 50 by 50 until 2000 and still get quite a number of invalid shares.
Anyone which same GPU type could share their experience on how to make it stable?

All GPUS are different see mine below:

You need to fine tune yours but copying mine would be a good start.
My GPU 3 has similar power usage may be just start with that overclock.

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Hi there,
I am no expert new to this Mining only 2 weeks doing it.
I found a stable setting with 43.7 Mhs

I think RTX 2060 Super is really super. Yes it can achieve even 47 MH/s stable with more watt, but I take 45 to push it to optimal hashrate power at 124-125 watt. Seems this Samsung GDDR6 want me to set -502 on core clock.

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If you do core clock 1100 it will give you same results between 95-105 watts

I use 1080 core clock and it seems to be a really sweet spot indeed, low power consumption, very stable. Then you can boost memory clock until you get errors.