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Rig goes offline without alert


I have a a rig going offline with no alerts. Never send me and alert of gpu error or temperature. The rig is still on, but offline. Sometimes It works a week then goes offline, sometimes just days or even hours. I replace the risers, put a static IP, But the problems persist. does anyone know what coud it be?

I checked it but my unfornately It’s not my case, I did the test and the connections are good and stable, My other 2 rigs works fine in the same network too.

Obviously not.

net-test output shows?

Looks like you have some options open, some, not so much. Typical, but assuming this rig is actively mining to your pool of choice and still showing offline.

Reply time for some are quite high, while your shortest are “blocked”. Have you selected one that is available/working as a test?

I had this issue with my 5700 rigs. Was able to solve it by adjusting the bios settings as described in this post: Rig total freeze, requires power reset - #140 by afargo

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