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Rig Freeze and hang when usb flash plugged in it which have hiveos

i have motherboard GIGABYTE GA-EP45T-UD3LR (rev. 1.0) when i plug in usb which has been flased with hiveos the rig is freeze and hang out on the screen illustrated in the pic for 5 second and restart and do the same thing again and again , although when i burn windows 10 os in the usb flash it works fine
any help thanks

Does the drive work on any other pcs to boot hive?

Yes it works for fine for another pc and boot successfully GIGABYTE GA-H61

Go through all the bios settings and make sure they’re optimal.

after some search on google i found out my motherboard doesn’t support uefi boot mode which is required for hiveos so i need to use mbr instead of gpt so i flashed the use with hive image and convert the flash to mbr with program called MINITOOL PARTITION WIZARD and when i plug in the usb in rig the freeze is gone but when boot to the usb is says this is not a bootable disk !!!
any solutions
thanks :slight_smile:

Have many boards which are pre-UEFI. Some will have BIOS settings which require “non-Windows”, “other OS”, and various CSM and Security settings disabled.

With all that unnecessary effort of partitioning, etc., you have also likely created more problems. A typical flashed drive will point to partition 3, but with yours…no clue.

same issue of mine

Link isn’t working for me, but it won’t change my BIOS setting recommendation.

My next one is to reflash your target media with Etcher.

i have update the link

I have (4) Q9400 based CPU workers running same vintage boards.

None of them support USB booting.
None of them required the disk efforts you are describing.
All of them are booting from SATA SSD or HDD.
All of them require the “OS and Security” suggestions made above.

Good luck with your efforts.


PS: this same CPU pin out vintage board is the exception and is actually booting from USB, but still requires all the OS and Security adjustments in BIOS:

I have found a solution by using small laptop hard drive hdd and burn hiveos on it in the same motherboard

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