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Reported hashrate is LOWER than realtime and mean hashrates?

I’m having an odd issue where one of my rigs is reporting a lower hashrate than it is actually getting with the pool (HiveOS + Hiveon pool). See this screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

The realtime hashrate is around 150 MH/s, and the mean is rising because I added new cards to the rig yesterday, but it should stabilize here soon.

The weird part to me is that the reported hashrate is lower. I have three cards (3070, 3070, 5500 XT) mining at 65.65, 61.44, and 24.91 MH/s, respectively. The reported hashrate has been steady around 75 MH/s which is weird because it’s not like a single GPU isn’t reporting properly or something, since 75 isn’t the sum of any combination of the three cards.

I am aware that my profits are based on hashrate at the pool (which is doing fine), I am just curious as this isn’t a problem for my gaming PC (single 3080), which looks like this: Screenshot by Lightshot

Note that the mean is decreasing because I moved the two 3070s from it to the other rig.

Could be that miner is reporting wrongly. Which miner are you using? Is it indicative that reported is half of what it should be?

I found a solution on the Discord. The reason the reported rate is messed up is because I am using two miners: t-rex and teamredminer.

The fix was to use different worker names for each miner. So I appended my rig’s worker name with “-amd” for teamredminer and “-nvidia” for t-rex miner. Now the reported rates are accurate, but it is still slightly annoying to have to have an additional worker.


can you show me how to do that?

You open up your worker on the Hive OS website, then go to Flight Sheets, and edit the flight sheet you’re currently using.

Then, you can click on “Setup Miner Config” for each of the miners that you’re using and add something like “-nvidia” or “-amd” to the end of your worker name.

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Lets say you are using 2 miners… for example T-rex and TTminer, in ONE of them, change
the default worker name, usually indicated by %WORKER_NAME% to something else… I like 007 myself, but you can type in say AmdCards, or what ever you wish. The pool tracks payment by your wallet address and worker name… once you make the change, you will see 2 workers and their total will show up against your wallet.


It’s not working for me :frowning:

Using T-rex for NVIDIA and Phoenix for AMD.

Trick is 2nd miner has to be unique. changing only the 1st miner does nothing. Also, append “-amd” or “-nvidia” to the end of worker name in lowercase only and no quote marks.

hello my friend i have the same problem but when i change the name in my first rig with the nvidia change and the amd rig so messy

any help please

I also have the exact same problem, I’m trying to solve it …

Edit your Flight Sheet, go to Setup Miner Config on each miner, change your Worker name from ‘%WORKER_NAME%’ to ‘%WORKER_NAME%-nvidia’ and ‘%WORKER_NAME%-amd’ without quotation marks.


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I confirm to be a problem sending data to the pool, when there are multiple miners for the same pool. I solved it by adding after the% sign of% WORKER_NAME% the name of the cards or even 1,2,3 or a fancy name, just a, b, c is enough … For example:% WORKER_NAME% Vega

I have made a different name for each miner eg:


So the reported data and its graph started to realign … :slight_smile:

(Moreover, it seems to me that the number of shares has also increased …) I had this problem since I started using double miners.

I have created new workers in the pool, whose capacity adds to the rest.

Now finally, the general chart of the pool is aligned …! In addition I also have the correct earnings data in dollars, because the graph of the average (yellow line) is rising, being based on the reported (the red one).

I am very happy to have resolved this matter. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I lost gudagni, am I right?

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How is the worker displayed at the Pool for you? I have added a -red -green for the miners after %worker_Name% see below:


but at HiveON Pool it shows 2 works with the HiveOS “worker” name with a suffix of __66xxxxxxx

for example . myworkername___6684574_23857


I don’t use HiveOn Pool, buy mine shows exactly how I named them.


Yes to me the same thing, HiveOn Pool, if your WorkerName is: Pluto adding -esNvidia, the name that will appear in the pool will be:


It’s not a problem for me, but actually at the beginning I didn’t understand well myself … :slight_smile:

On the other pools, however, the precise name appears, as you say. I believe that HiveOn Pool generates that kind of random code to avoid overlapping of name, but I don’t understand why you don’t use it when doubting the name with two different miners. Bah…

I was able to set the proper name on HiveOn pool but simply removing the variable %worker_name%
and explicitly naming each miner. So myminer-red and myminer-green was the hard coded names. It now shows up fine.

I do believe its fine on Ethermine pool . I didn’t have to add separate names for each miner and the hashrate was always correct. This seems to be a HiveON only issue. Was trying them to see if the payouts would be slightly better without paying these gas fees lately… but might just go back to Ethermine.

Mine was wrong on Ethermine, until I changed it.

I had the same issue after switching from 1 miner to 2 miners. On one of the miners, I simply removed " %worker_Name% " and typed my worker name and added “_AMD” at the end of the name. Worked like a charm after a small sync time from the pool. So no need to try and modify several miners, adding a dash to the field ect, just type yourself the worker name and add a few characters at the end of the name so pool will differenciate the 2 miners.

Hello Guys,

I’m using two miners teamredminer and t-rex for two AMD and one Nvidia card.I made the name change as suggested, and my chart is get in the good value, but now my HIVEON hasrte chart is zero. As is see my realtime hasrate is okey, may be the API get the wrong worker? Because now i hva 2 online workers and two offline workers. Is there anybody who has that problem?Does it effect earnings?

Thanks for the answers.