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Real Hash rate zero on HIVEON pool, while Reported is Fine

Please advise why real hash rate from HIVEON show zero after an auto restart while the rig seems working fine and reported Hash rate is also normal

What does hiveon pool dashboard show?

Notice zero real rate and earnings along with rig inactive. However, the rig is working fine. I also noticed I can’t remotely activate shell

If it’s not showing at the pool there has to be an issue somewhere, try to open the miner in the shell, whether remotely or locally and see what it’s saying.

I can’t start remotely however on the connected screen the update is running fine.

While I hope you have resolved the issue…

That does not appear to be the Hiveon Pool dashboard, this link is and provides data when you put in your address:

If the above does NOT show your worker submitting shares, as Keaton shared, there is a problem:

Personally, I’d:

  • confirm the flight sheet shows my wallet address on your choice of pool

Any doubt:

  • restart the mining software and confirm it restarts and is mining to your wallet address vs. another wallet.

If those are NOT your wallet, assume your rig has been hacked and you should reflash your drive and change your passwords.

There is a security guide:

Issue still not resolved :man_facepalming:t2:. I formatted and flashed HIVEOS. Still same status. Machine running fine but now even HIVEON doesn’t show in the app.

Shares/min still 0

That is your miner interface, not HiveOS or Hiveon Pool interface.

What does Hiveon Pool show related to this rigs wallet and rig name?

Not to mention, you are pointing out an “average” value of shares per/min and the uptime is ~2mins.

Check again in 20 mins.

I did for 30min. Still nothing. I’m changing Trex to miniz. Still waiting for any update on HIVEON. Anything else you suggest ?

You have not shared what Hiveon Pool is seeing from your rig since the first post.
What you have posted does not show any accepted shares.

fwiw: I’d back down a version of T-Rex in your flight sheet first.

Still zero even in Miniz. I’ll revert to true and downgrade the version as u suggested

There is likely a wallet problem or an algorithm issue.

It looks like you are using the right Hiveon address, but posting your flight sheet would help debug

I’m reverting to trex 0.25.0

(2) miners attempted and not (1) share accepted?

There is another more basic issue afoot.

Pool address, Bad wallet address, mismatch to algo, overclocks messing up the DAG, something else.

Here’s the flight sheet :confused:

You have SSL and NonSSL in there.

Are you set on “Auto” in the flight sheet?

Image 2-17-22 at 2.41 PM