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Radeon RX 6600 XT Micron Overclock Setting

Hi Please Send Radeon RX 6600 XT Micron Overclock Setting

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Not sure if those are good for Micron but I got MSI with below and works very well.

Got 54W with 32.9MH.

Hope it works for you as well.

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Did you find any good settings?

Hi, I have MSI Mech 2 6600 xt with Micron memory. After many failed attemps, finally I found these settings; working more than 3 days without a problem.

Fan: 60 Core: 1100 VDD:660 Memory: 1050

Trying 1080 memory gave me errors. I guess 1070 also can work, but I don’t wanna see another possibility of failure.

Do not forget; don’t pass 1100 Core.


Thanks , those setting work for the last couple of min, I have 4 rx6600 xt with samsung memories and 2 new ones (Same cards) but arrived with micron memory … whats interesting by default those 2 cards work flat 30.02mhs without any tweaks where others with samsung did 28.x thanks to your post I have them on 31.46 flat again but thats almost 3mhs more than I had and 20w less across both cards - thanks !

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Your welcome, I also have the same hashrate: 31.48 MH. Did you try 1070 Memory or 1050? I’m afraid of increasing the speed. Because I am really exhausted.

I set it up like this

its frustrating as all are same cards pretty much , all OC works except those micron memories … I will keep digging as I think I should be able to get another 1mhs from each card

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Please do let me know, if you find out new settings! Thanks

I had my one working for a while with memory 1080 , pushed it 1090 and it crashed but few h later 1080 also crashed so I left it 1068… will let you know if I come up with any different settings

This is my Overclock Setting Micro and it works pretty well


Thanks for this setting :heart_eyes: Works even faster than on Windows.

Here is my overclock 6600xt vram micron. It work very well

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Has any been trying those settings with Samsung memories on same cards?

1100 on core seems to be on a higher side. Or not?:thinking::face_with_head_bandage:

Nice, it work for me (RX 6600 XT Sapphire Nitro+ Micron GDDR6) | 31.92 MH / 58W (just a stable OC setting for now). Thanks!

Many vga of 6600 xt vram micron can increase mem but I think you should set stable oc setting first. After a few days of stable running, you can increase mem to get a good hashrate.
Core 935
VDD: 650-670, or higher
VDDCI : 670
Mem: 1060-1070(stable setting)
You can increase mem clock :1075-1090(higher settings)
But be careful and oc slowly. Oc high can be crash your Vga.


hai! can anyone help me with the 6600xt memory overclock? i can’t set the CORE n MEM. Once I change the OC then the notification about the card is not in correct state pop out.



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it works very fine with the samsung memory, still got no luck for the micron memory
thankyou !

Do you know a setting for
MSI Radeon RX 6600 XT Micron Overclock Setting its killing me now :frowning: