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Radeon RX 6600 XT Micron Overclock Setting

Also with this micron setting I’m using SoC Frequency=420 and SoC VDDmax=780

Hi, I’m having the same problem. I’ve tried several overclocks and I’m still not satisfied. Did you manage to find any that were good?

This is the best setup I’ve gotten so far. consumption was 62w now it’s 51w without any hashrate drop.
Please share yours for me to test.

So I’ve had a few of these cards for a little while now, I’ve settled on these clocks:

I tried lower core but one card became unstable and crashed every 12-24 hours, I also can get 1080 memory but anything beyond this is instantly unstable.

any one can share rx6600 xt xfx oc 210
and whats maximum temp accepted cour and memory in this time cuore 54 memory 64

excelente configuración antes de poner la rx 580 llegaba a los 32.60mh

I Have one card with Micron Memory(ASUS DUAL RX 6600XT)

Pleae find the OC settings here.

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