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Palit RTX 3080 TI Low Hasrate, Hashrate Drop

Hi, I recently bought 4x PALIT RTX 3080 TI, 4 cards gives different hashrate than each other and dropping for all cards after cards get a bit hot,
Memory Temps :76-86
Gpu Temps: 55-60

With MAX OC settings getting these hashrates and after a while giving gpu no temp error for 2 cards.
GPU0:79 Hash
GPU1:82 Hash
GPU2: 85 Hash
GPU3:81 Hash

If anyone knows whats the issue or have an idea please can share wit me? Thank you so much.

Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview tab?

Right after apply high overclock settings getting this error

Tried so many different overlock settings but anything high will give GPU driver error, no temps,
I have been using these settings, mining continuously with a bit hasrate drops sometimes, can’t get more than these hashrates.

Try 1350 core, no power limit and as high as the memory will go without erroring, also 100% fan

Tried, reduced more with these settings

I have tried almost all presets that people are using, didn’t worked, doesn’t seem problem connected with overclock settings :frowning:

This is the maximum I can get but still hashrates are not equal

Are you checking for throttling?
Nvidia-info from the Hive Shell or Shellinabox?

You do have to factor the silicon lottery and potentially lesser HW engineering of the GPU for mining use as a contributor to performance variations.

Just curious where these values are coming from?

fwiw: Those temps are high in my opinion but I am fairly certain this model has a great cooler:

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I have windows in another drive, mined a few hours in windows to monitor temperatures with HW info, temps are looking good.

And, have you confirmed there is not thermal or power throttling in HiveOS configurations?

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I am not sure how I can do that.

I noticed first GPU gets max 272W if go over that, hash suddenly drops to 40-50 then increasing again

From the web interface:

  • find the old school command prompt icon
    Image 11-1-21 at 9.10 PM
  • select Hive Shell Start (if remote LAN)
    In the menu area below the ribbon but above your Rig/GPUs status screen, you’ll see “hive shell” activity and a little white box will show up…click this box and a new window opens.

Image 1-8-22 at 6.08 PM

At that new remote console…

enter: Nvidia-info at the prompt

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Image 1-8-22 at 6.10 PM

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You found the Throttle: PowerLimit on each GPU, right?
Note: in this case 2 more commands may be helpful

  • nvtool --throttle can also be used to keep the output more condensed/focused

Comprehensive tool

  • nvidia-smi -q -d PERFORMANCE

Image 1-8-22 at 6.23 PM

At some point, it is there and may be contributing to the performance.

Note: I have mine set at 305 even though it “reports” far less.

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After changing settings on lhr cards you need to restart the miner, otherwise it will think lhr lock engaged since the clocks changed and attempt to unlock.

Check the 3080Ti hashrate boost using evga bios:

do at your own risk and blame no one if things go wrong.

I have several Palit Gamerock 3080Ti’s and after this bios update I was able to get 88-91 MH/s on ETH with 280 Watt PL. Core: 1200 Mem: 2400 on latest HiveOS.

Also, I have palit gaming pro 3080Ti’s and somehow this hack did not work on gamingpro’s.

Good luck.

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