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P102-100 10GB ''MALFUNCTION'' error

Purchased two p102-100 10GB to mine RVN using hiveos. One of them used to work perfectly for one hour (now the fans won’t even turn on nor the card be detected on hiveos) and the other one keeps giving me the following error: ‘‘malfunction’’. Apparently is a driver issue. I have installed different drivers but to no avail.


test the card on its own, with known good power cables and preferably no riser. make sure the driver youre running supports them.

Hi, dude!

I’ve tried it with 3 different psus but to no avail. There was a guy who had the same issue as me in a different post. This guy stated he was able to get the gpu to work by doing the following: Solution: Plug in the 2x 4pin plugs in lol

Which plugs is he referring to?
Original post: GP102 vs. P102-100 Issue - #2 by keaton_hiveon

He probably meant 6 pins or 8 pins