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Outlook is blocking Hive Os emails so I can not login in my account

Hi,Outlook is blocking Hive Os emails so I can not login in my account.
My outlook email is not receiving the code for login.
Just registered with google and receive emails just fine.

If you created a new account, that would not be the recommended path.

It would be best to use the support chat/option at the lower right corner and have your new address updated in your existing account:

I can not access my existing account because outlook blocks emails from HiveOs. They are not even in my junk.
I can not login in my old account.

Known issue, Hiveon is sending the emails, they are being blocked by your email provider before ever reaching your email client.

Follow my suggestion if you want your old account back.

i tried to chat them…but they answer with bot…still dont know what to do mate

Hive took care of it.
Had to verify the account belongs to me and transferred it to a google email.
I am fuckin done with Microsoft.

Go through the bot a real person answers.
Hive have a great support and have always helped.

I fixed this myself by manually adding ‘’ to my safe senders list. It allowed it through. Checking the domain against known block lists on mx toolbox looks good.

I can not receive code to google email
How can fixed it?

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