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Not getting confirmation code email

I have been trying to log in to my HiveOS account on my phone, but it is requiring a confirmation code to do so, but the email is not getting sent. I have checked everywhere in my email.(spam folder etc.) I can get into my account on my computer and have check to make sure my email is correct and it is correct. Not sure what to do. Can anyone help?



Clear cache on browser and log in again…

Same problem here, any solution?

No still can’t get the app to log in. I have been using my phone browser to log in right now.

Good day, I am trying to log into my account but also not receiving my confirmation code. My email address that I have registered is a address. I have also checked in the Junk folder and nothing. Please can someone look at this as I am unable to manage my rigs at this point.

anyone solve this problem ?

Nope…same exact problem EVERY FREAKING TIME!!!

Usually takes at least an hour or two just to get past authentication… unless I log in EVERY day… of I miss a day or two, Hive forgets about my device and thinks it new…

Clearing cache, tmp files, history, reboot, resend, free up space, spam folder, unwanted folder,…

NONE of it consistently works…you just simply keep trying different sh!t until it works.

Any update on this topic??? I’m having this problem for a week know, any advice???

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