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I'm not receiving Confirmation Code to my email

Hi. I just want to say this is getting out of hands. How come there are at least three (1, 2 & 3*) open topics about the same issue but none has received an answer from any mod or admin.

It locked me out of my PC. I’m still logged-in on my phone so I can do my withdraws, but it worries me about what to do if it logs me out from there too.

It’s been like this for two weeks now, if I ask for a verification code it never reaches my mail (it’s a @hotmail domain, same as in case #2); I tried to ‘fix it’ using my phone app to activate 2FA but it requires an email security code, so back to square one.

What to do?

*For new accounts, it only allows to post two links;
still: https ://

Known issue, Hiveon is sending the emails, they are being blocked by your email provider before ever reaching your email client.

Follow the direct to chat with support in the lower right corner and change your account email to a non Microsoft provider and consider a proper 2FA solution also, not using Microsoft for your email:

This almost turns out comical, because while reading your answer, I noticed having received a security code to my email (spam folder = no notification), but just shy too late of the 15 mins. it remains valid.

Kept trying to receive another one but nope; so, I’ll have to follow your guideline. Thank you.

Feel your pain.

<— hotmail user :frowning:

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