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New to Mining with RX 580 4Gb

Hello, I am new to mining ETH and I am really doing this because I am just curious. I have the following system.

Miner PhoenixMiner_5.5c_Windows_AMD_NVIDIA
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor, 3593 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
BaseBoard Product PRIME X470-PRO
OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB
Name Radeon RX 580 Series 4GB
Driver Version 27.20.14535.3005

I currently use Afterburner to overclock the Core at 1411 and GPU at 2200. I currently get a normal rate of 2.08MH/s Real-Time Hashrate and an 854.70KH/s Reported Hashrate. My Reported Hashrate over 24hr is 1.67MH/s. What I would like to know is how can I get my Hashrate higher? What other things can I do to improve mining? How do you guys find reasonable deals on graphics cards as everything is sold out around me?

Hello mate, I hava a rx570 4GB and mine with it for couple of days on Windows 10 just for test. You need to set it up on PCI-E 16x and to use LoLminer last version. I have got about 7Mh/s with the that settings.
core clock 1150----mem clock 2000----vddc 1.04 ---- power draw 72W.
this is the values from GPU-Z, card is overclocked with MSI afterburner. I dont know about the bios because I bought it second hand, but should be OK.

To squeeze more of the card you need to install HiveOS. On pci-e 16x I have got 19Mh/s with the same clocks and REF value set to 30.

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stop wasting your time with ETH if you have only 4GB cards.
try ETC or RVN

I am minning with one RX570 4GB and one rx5700 8GB. Etherium is the better choice for now.

Mine whatever you want to. Its good to learn at different things. When someone tells you to stop wasting your time, IGNORE THEM. They’re IDIOTS. Education is the ONLY thing nobody can take from you and when you learn it on your own its even more valuable. Ask your questions. We’re not ALL jerks.


Howdy! Welcome to the community. I highly recommend joining the discord; I’m a lot more active there and there’s a pretty active community.

In terms of getting your hashrate up for Ethereum mining, if you are using HiveOS - I recommend lolMiner for it’s Zombie Mode. It’s second to none and might be able to bump you up to ~6-8MHs or maybe even 10. This is specifically a Linux thing as far as I know. Windows experiences the dag size squeeze worse than Linux does, so it (Windows) will reduce your MHs far quicker.

However, keep in mind that if you are doing this for profitability, Ravencoin or ETC are probably more profitable at the current time. But, if you don’t care about profitability and want to contribute to the network with your hashrate; then keep at it! :+1:

Just be aware that at some point, your hashrate will reach 0 and you will have to swap algorithms / coins at that point if you don’t want to just be using electricity.

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Hello Guys, I have 2 RX 570 4G cards, one is in a case by itself and the other on an H110 Board. I am getting 24MH for the one in the case and 26 MH for the one on the board. I mine ETh , Lolminer hiveos pool. You have to put the card in the 16 pin slot, when I move it in the PCIEX it gives 8 MH. I moded the 2 cards. One went up from 20 to 26 MH and the other stayed at 24. I think the latter was moded already because I bought it used. Wish you all the beswt of luck guys.

Hello, if you could tell me what is your mods. Because with my rx570 4gb (mem Hynix) directly set it up on PCI-e 16x with HiveOS and lolminer 1.22 (also tryed lolminer 1.24a) I can not go over 19.5Mh. Today after the Epoch went to 399 I have 18.6Mh.

Actually, the settings do not make a big difference. I use the stock mods on Hiveos. But it seems that it differs from one card to the other because I have 2 cards, one giving 25 and the other is23. I use the three top settings in hive.

Hello, It is a big difference between my 18-19mh and yours 23 - 25mh. Do you set any values in Lolminer like 4g-alloc-size, zombie-tune or keepfree? What version of lolminer do you use and is there any difference in hiveos version, mine is not update yet?

Can someone explain to me why I am getting low MH/s?
I have 6 x Sapphire rx 580 4gb nitro+

Give some more info. I have to expect above 20Mh only if you connect GPU on pci-e 16x slot and use lolminer 1.22 or later. I actually can not go over 18.7 from yesterday when we went on Epoch 399.
Also put REF value to 30 this will give you about 5% more. I am not sure but if you use pci-e extenders to connect the cards you will have about 9mh.

Thanks a lot, but please explain if you can, I think I have PCI-e 16x slots but I am not sure, here are pictures of my rig. I can only post one per post, so sorry about that.

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Install the card directly on Pci-e 16x slot (the big slot). Because the DAG file is bigger than 4Gbytes you can not have the normal hashrate on those cards. lolminer works on zombie-mode with 4GB cards but gives higher hash only if you use the cards on the 16x or 8x slot without extenders. Ofcoures use the other cards with extenders. Or better with 6 4gb cards mine something else like Raven coin.

When I try to mine ravecon, my rig constantly reboots and losses connection. Can you give me config for RVN please? I mean how to set it up and other…


I am using the latest ver of Lolminer. But I think that the ver of Hiveos makes a difference because I have used a different ver of hive and got worst results. I am working on it and will let you know what version works.

Thanks man

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Actually, I got 24 MH with 570 4G card with Lolminer. But the card has to be installed in the 16 PCIE slot. would you please let me know how to join your discord channel? I am new to discord and still find it difficult to deal with :slight_smile: