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New Linux Driver for Vega


They just release new driver who support Vega GPU

Can you update HiveOS with it to support Vega on HiveOS?


Tested. Does not work still.

Yep this driver doesn’t look stable/good at all.

Is AMD Vega 56 card supported by HiveOS yet? Thanks !

вроде вышел новый драйвер для амд, с линуксом пока не получается подружить вегу?

Why Linux kernel so old, could it be updated?
4.15 already backported for debian stable and includes amdgpu drm for vega


Be patient. Work in progress

Что в итоге - можно веги запустить то или нет?

Is there any roadmap for supporting VEGA cards?

I Hope that Vega Support comeing soon

Is there any update hive support Vega in coming update?

We really need this support…

vega works but no fan so they get hot and also not crypnonight since still stuck with speed

no my vega works not … not only the fan … i see them as Card “Radeon RX Vega 8176M” but xmr stak do not find them

Yes, i have the same problem now…

Me three! Vega support should be possible soon, no?


Does anybody know when HiveOs will support RX Vega cards?

Did some of you tried to install the official driver to run these cards on HiveOs?


VEGA works only at x8 or x16 PCI-E slot with Gen3 settings

Oops, just bought Six Vegas for my next rig. I didn’t realize they weren’t working with Hive OS yet.:confused:

is it possible in future to solve the compatibility hive os with amd vega cards?
how long it will take? thanks a lot