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My Rig always goes offline twice a day

I have replaced the risers
Changed thermal pads
All new cables
Dont know what to do anyone have any solution please thank you

if you ever experience issues you should flash/reflash the latest stable image on your drive first, youre on a 6 month old image/kernel.

my advice is to use teamredminer, then whenever you get any gpu errors tweak the OC on the specific gpu that crashes each time until stable.

I updated it same issue

what exactly is the rig doing when it goes offline? is it locked up/frozen? losing network connection? turned off?

I had a couple rigs that were going offline multiple times a day. They would just freeze up on me. I solved it by adjusting the bios settings as described here:

Are you running/booting from USB or memory card like SD card? if so i sugest going SSD. I was running one rigg from memory card and it did the same, fake offline but it wasnt off. Changed to ssd and hasnt had it happen one since then.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

I was using SSDs when this was happening. One of my SSDs recently died, so I’m using a flash drive in one of my rigs, but haven’t had this problem with any of them since modifying the bios settings.

Yeah i am running on ssd it runs for one day only and then goes fake offline everytime i have to hard reset its annoying i am still no sure whats the issue

Read through similar forum threads (including the one I posted), and modify your bios configuration as described in my post, and the freezes should stop. From what I understand, it’s an issue with the CPU. Stabilize the CPU clocks and it fixes the issue.

Actually it keeps running but on hiveos it shows offline

I changed the ssd
New risers
New cpu and ram
Still facing the issue

can you post the output of net-test while its showing online, and one while its not but continuing to mine?

How to net-test inside hiveos

menu → run command

This is online

when its offline youll need to run it from shellinabox or from the worker itself

Offline cant have thr net stat
Still facing the issue i have decrease gpu to 8 from 10 still same issue every 24hr fake offline

Try running from the rig itself with a monitor and keyboard the next time it goes offline

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