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My Miner keeps restarting for no reason

As the title says I have a rig that used to work very stable, no issues no restarts at 188 MH/s. Now it just restarts for no reason, and it doesn’t give me a reason. I have other that usually restart because of watchdog but this one does’t give a reason at all. All I get is a notification on telegram saying rig booted. Any ideas why that is? What to do? (RX580 Nitro+ 8g Micron)

And secondly, the watchdog restart, I know turning down the OC works but any other ideas? Because before I started using HiveOS I was on windows, and since moving to HiveOS most rigs work a bit better than on windows, but the ones with watchdog error already work worse and I don’t want to keep turning them down to were I loose 10MH/s per rig because of turning down the OC. Most work for a few hours before they get 1 watchdog error, restart and work again for a few hours, so I guess it isn’t that big of a deal since their up time is really good, but I rather not have the error at all. (RX580 Hynix 8gb Dual and Nvidia P-106)

If you are running Claymore on Windows OS, did you raise the system’s virtual memory?

I used to have your problem to a point sometimes couldn’t start the rig without a full reboot, and I fixed it by shutting down aero and raising my virtual memory to 85 000-100 000, now rig runs stable without any watchdog errors