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MSI RX 5700 XT Mech OC

Hey everyone!
So as the title suggest, im using x3 MSI RX5700XT Mech OC with bios modded and achieving at about 56mh/s with 120w per card. Been running for 24hrs without any problem so far.

Here is what i set in my overclock settings

Core Clock: 1425
Core Voltage: 725
Memory Controller Voltage: 725
Memory Clock: 920
Memory Voltage: 1350
Fan: 50

My goal as of now is I would like to lower the power consumption if possible.
Do let me know if you guys have any idea or maybe you can share some info so that i could implement into my mini rig.

Thanks in advance!

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The power reported in HiveOS is irrelevant. How would you know if any modification to the OC will actually reduce the power consumption? Without power meter at the wall these changes are not really mean anything.

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Should have mentioned that this was off the wall. Anyways, what gpu driver are you on? Im on 20.4.2 and im thinking should i update to the latest driver?

I use the drivers that come with HiveOS beta OpenCL 19.30

Okay i will give it s try!

you can try to lower the mem VDD (MVDD) from 1350mV to 1310mV …

I will give this a try! Are you also on 19.30? HiveOS beta image or stable?

Could you please share your BIOS? I have 2 of those cards, 55MH but much more power consumption :frowning:

What is your power consumption?

~140W in software, not at the wall :frowning: (my clocks are different, but it’s the only way to get close to that MH).

I hope it can help you

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I’ve modded all my cards with memory strap and tRef. I am running NBminer, it has less hashrate but more stable than phoenixminer.

I’m on HiveOS stable build v172 with AMDopencl v 20.30.

to lower power consumption best effect has SOC clock which you can pull down to 950 mhz.
that´s all you can do except lower voltage / clocks.

MSI RX5700XT MECH 8GB With Memory Timing MOD I am getting 54.95 MH with this config.

Any advice ?

I guess this can only be done from MorePowerTool? 950 instead of 1266?

typeing “atitool -socclk=950 -i=0” works too, but needs to be done every time you reboot. I changed in bios. works well so far.

Whats wrong with Hynix memory in MSI 5700xt mech… I tested 2 and im getting 100° when my other Cards with same overlock in Samsung and Micron are colder. Its possible hynix memorys r trash?

My other Cards r about 60° - 70°… A bit diff

dude @pho3nix3871, how did you get your 5600 XTs to 43MH/50watt?

When you say you seen the first time. Are you saying you seen another memory brand on this graphic Cars before and now changed?

no, i mean everywhere i look i see samsung or micron for this model.