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MSI RTX 3060TI LHR - LHR Workaround?

OK-modded GPU rig setup, and rig is so much happier. It’s nightime where I live (Northern CA), and this time of year gets chilly, ambient temps in the high 40s F, low 50s F. Fans haven’t gone above 30% since the mod, and GPU temps 39-45 ish. I’ll see if the fans have to work a little harder in the afternoon when temps will likely be more like 70s F.

All said and done Breaking 3 cards off of my “Riserless” MoBo was the right play. Great thermal profile now.

Rigs have been stable overnight and being able to apply the same settings to all cards has my rig total up to just about 240 MHs.

I’m using NB Miner
Newest Nvidia Drivers
Current version of hive OS

OC set to
-250 core / 1800 mem - 140 pl

I’m happy with this hash rate. Will move into fine tuning mode.

Have been hyper focused on this for about a week now, since the upgrade cards arrived, so I might just let it mine for a few days and get back to some of the other projects I’ve neglected over the past week.

Will post updates if any progress on unlock hacks I try likely this weekend, although it’s my anniversary, so I’ll probably pay attention to that primarily (lessons learned my friends).

Try LOLMiner or T-Rex with:
Core 1600
PL 165
Mem start from 2800 to 2400 wait 2 or more hours and decrease by 16 until don’t have invalid shares.

45 for a lhr card is pretty cool. I have an old 3070 and it runs at 52 mhash stock :wink:

Thanks brother-I’ll give it a try-would really like to see all over 40. I have like 2-3 that stay above 40, rest are around 38-39.

Will try your setting recommendations and report back.

Well-tried it from work and locked up my rig…d’oh.

I forgot my policy of only making OC mods when I’m Home…cause it frequently causes a lockup.

I need a wifi enabled power cycle relay-I’m gonna get one…

I am with Zotac rtx 3060 ti hynix mem. Initially worked well with 1200 core/ 1810 mem / 165 pl @ approx 42-43Mhs with nbminer 39.7. After adding next 2 cards all got messed up. Tried nbminer/t-rex. Rig kept crashing with LA going high to 20. Changed the slots / risers, and miner to gminer. Now Gradually going up with OC. Currently 1100 core / 1740 mem getting 38-39MHs. Will update once I cross 40Mhs stable… Nvidia driver is 470.74.

Get invalid shared on one gpu with high clocks. So to check lowered clocks

Awesome-thanks for the recommendation.

I have one consistently over 42MHs

All the rest are between 38-41 stable.

With the 6 cards, I get right about 240MHS.

Would love to find a sweet spot about 2-3 MHS higher on all of the sub 42 Mhs cards, but it’s pretty stable.

Uploading: 11124.png…
bunu deneyebilirmisin

try core -500 mem 2200 pl 130 [HiveOS]
Getting 44.71 Mh on Palit GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
Samsung GDDR6
Driver 470.74

Miners to try (in order)

  1. GMiner
  2. LolMiner
  3. Trex
  4. NBMiner
  5. MiniZ

for me NBMiner is the most efficient

RVN is more profitable rn.
For RVN, I have CORE 100 MEM 1600 PL 160

Check out Sebs Channel for video guide

Thanks for the suggestion.

I got the Hynix…don’t think the settings will translate. I’ve had very little luck with -500 on the core.

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wow, what kind of mobo you use?

I have an Onda D1800 Riserless 6 GPU MoBo.

Gonna test a couple of these-thanks

So aggravating-when NB Miner starts, for the first few reporting periods, all the cards start up at like 45MHs, but after about 3 reporting periods, they settle down to 38-42.

Just curious. Is everyone using current Nvidia drivers with current NBMiner? Please confirm, anyone who has posted big MHS with MSI RTX3060TI. Feels like my current driver setup on NBMiner is about maxed, yet I know the cards can do more than 40. I have 6 cards, so if I could get 2-3 more per card, it adds up.

I’ve tried a lot of values, most changes either lock my rig, or have minimal impact on hashrates.

Thanks four your share. I just mining 9 days ago. No windows.
I use btc79x5 and 2graindward 3060ti lhr and 3colourful 3060ti lhr. Average hashrate 216mhz (no invalid) last 48hours.

It’s the MSI B450 Max Gaming Plus…

On this rig I put photo is 495.44 driver, not available anymore in HiveOS - don’t know why… best second driver for me is 470.82.

No invalid shares, pretty maxed hashrate…

Current setup-6 Cards-240MHs