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MSI RTX 3060TI LHR - LHR Workaround?

Ok Hive People,

I did a bad, bad thing.

Have been unable to locate any stable OC settings in an MSI RTX3060TI. I bought these cards planning on 45-60 MHS. I didn’t know about LHR when I purchased 6 of these (dumbass).

Best settings I’ve found so far stabilize around 29MHs per card.

Funny thing though-it’s like there’s some kind of LHR limiter kicking in-when mining first starts, the miner posts 50+ MHS, but only for a few operations-after about 4-5 iterations, the MHs throttle down to 28-29, which is too slow by 1/2. Seems like something that should be able to be bypassed/disabled.

I have an Onda riserless MOBO
8G DDR3 Mem
HiveOS on SSD

Mining ETH with Phoenix Miner

Drivers and OS current or near current. HW seems to all be good as long as I don’t overclock.

Setup was super stable with Some 1060ti cards. Looks like I mighta shot myself in the d$&k going all in on these LHR cards

Questions for the community or anyone with experience with these cards:

Is there a way to circumvent LHR?

Should I be using Vbios?

Would a different mining Algo be better? I had no issues with Phoenix on Nvidia before, but that was pre LHR.

Should I tap out and return and get different cards?

Any other suggestions for workarounds would be appreciated. Have 6 brand new cards that I want to hash like crazy, but at $1200 apiece, they are only hashing nominally better than my $400 1060TIs I was running before.

So unsatisfying. Please help.

There’s a lot of topics in this forum about LHR cards, so please read them for OC settings , start using T-rex miner, nbminer, gminer, lolminer to unlock LHR 74 %


Thanks for the tip.

You can try t-rex miner or nbminer i use already nbminer and almost 2 days doesn’t have any problem hynx cards have 43-42 arround Samsung card have 45-46 mh eth.

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@Kemalbaglar , i am using GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 7979 MB · Gigabyte with Hynix GDDR6 · 94.04.6B.00.16 · PL 100 W, 200 W, 220 W.

I am getting only 31.20 MH. Screen shot attached.

Kindly advise since you are getting 42-43.

I cant share right now ss bcz im new here but
Can u change first try this
Core -250 mem 1800 watt 135
2st Core -400 mem 1600 145w
This both of them lets see
This is hynx cards.

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@Kemalbaglar , thank you for your feedback.
I shall update the settings and shall confirm back soon.

Ok bro good luck give us info for that settings.

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@Kemalbaglar , tried the first one (Core -250 mem 1800 watt 135)
The MH reduced to - 29.72.

Tried the second one (Core -400 mem 1600 145w)
The MH reduced to - 29.27

Ok-update on status

My card specifically is the
MSI Gaming X RTX3060TI LHR

Switched to NB Miner:
Hash rates were around 40-41 with high or even unrestricted PLs.

It seemed stable around 39-40 MHS so I decided to add the last 2 of my cards to the worker.

I need to reconfigure my rig-I have an Onda 6 slot riserless MoBo. I was able to keep it thermally stable with last gen cards that were smaller and allowed some air flow between the cards. These guys have a larger footprint and fit barely, and get too hot. I have one card on a riser now because Onda foolishly put a SATA port under one of the card slots, rendering it mostly unusable on the MoBo. I’m gonna use 3 risers to split to a 2 tier setup for better heat management. Two more risers will be here Monday-I may adjust the settings of the one card up on a riser because it always stays cool.

So with the 6 card setup, with 5 cards adjacent to each other, some of the cards get very hot so I throttled the power back and will settle for a total, stable output of 211 MHS

Other than the power limiting, I have zero overclocking going on.

I know there is a lot of stuff on LHR overclocking, if there continues to be chatter and posts here I’ll post my progress/updates. Hoping to get to 43-45 per unit, or higher. I may try some different miners without overclocking to compare and then will start optimizing card by card once heat management is better.

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Did you try -250

And whats your invida driver 495.44

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I’ll give -250 a shot.

Have tried -500 and -502 on core clock, very unstable for me, but I’ll try -250 core/ 1800 men and see if it will run.

With me, it seems if things aren’t right, the miner locks up, often requiring a hard reset at the rig, within a few minutes-I never get bad shares, just system lockup.

Will try and post any improvements if stable.

Looked good for a minute, but -250/1800 crashed on NBminer pretty quickly.

Invidia driver is good? 495.44 update and try again and this settings are for nbminer

Ok-I’ll try-I think I’m running 470.82. Which at some point seemed to be stable-I had some initial setup challenges, and tried some different drivers-these seemed stable, but that was before I started on Nbminer, so I’ll update and try new drivers with NB

Good suggestion-updated drivers-applied OC settings -250/1800 on all cards except my hot one-all around 40 MHS for a rig tots of 230 MHS-nice.

I’ll be able to push the cards a little more tomorrow after riser reconfig.


Anyone had any success with either of the following to increase hashrates?

Flashing MSI Gamer X card with Ventus Bios

I saw a weird overheat based technique where you warm them up, stop the fan for a couple seconds that unlocks high 40’s on these cards. Might give it a shot.

Gonna give Lolminer a try and see if any improvement.


And everything is good i hope.

Yes-thank you-stable for 32+ hours most hashing right about 40. On 5 of 6 GPUs

Risers delivered today-gonna split up my rig for better heat management and crank my 2 hot ones up.

Next stop-45 MHS.

I know this card will do 50, and I’m gonna keep working at it. Once everything is cool, I may try different core/mem clocks/power settings to see if I can get to 42-43.

I want to try the NBMiner overheat workaround, but I can’t seem to figure out how to implement it on 6 cards…need more data.

Same ve need to wait for next update.