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MSI Radeon RX 570 crashes every time drivers are loaded & Every time flightsheet is loaded

Hello guys, new to mining and am just starting up my first rig. However I have run into some problems already. I am only using one gpu at the moment, an MSI Radeon RX 570 Armor 8G OC mounted on a B450 PRO MAX motherboard with 8gb ddr4 ram with a 500watt atx psu and every time I turn on the rig and it gets to the part were it connects to the internet(via wifi in my case) and loads the daemon that uploads the card drivers to the gpu, the gpu fans on the 570 increase in rpm by a lot, so much so that you can actually hear the difference and then they appear to shut off completely , crashing my rig and the display gives me a colorful screen of corrupted text in different colors.

So I placed the rig in maintenance mode(without loading the drivers) and once HIVEOS was done loading initially, the rig didn’t crash for once and the gpu is still running normal and doesn’t appear to be off. That’s good news to me but of course the gpu
is not mining. At the root display the 570 appears in red text. When I try to load a flightsheet the card crashes as well and gives me the same colorful display of corrupted text. How can I fix this? I have tried the card on the same motherboard running windows off another ssd and it works and games just fine. I purchased the card used and have my misgivings but then if it was brunt shouldn’t it not have worked on windows.

Please help me, I just want to get mining as soon as I can

Hey, I was also new to the mining but after a few weeks of banging my head against the wall with AMD cards on HiveOS I feel like a pro :smiley: Learning curve. Take it slow.
Try to get the rig up in any mode. Go to your overclocking tab (no it’s not under “Overview”) and click clean. OC settings get stuck on HiveOS and when you move cards or do something it’s creating a lot of mess. I do take screenshots of my setting, clean them up if I need to remove/add cards before the reboot.
Let me know if that helps.

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Thank you, I was finally able to get everything up and running. Now it’s only a case of overclocking the GPU’s

Happy to help!

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