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Mining with rx6600 xt + non xt not possible

Hello everyone,

I built a new AMD rig. 1x 6600XT and 3x 6600 non-XT.

My problem now is, I can only get two cards to run at the same time. When I connect the third or fourth GPU, Teamredminer tells me: GPU 2/3: detected dead.

I have already changed miners - nothing works either.

I also tested different HiveOS versions - same problem.

A 750 watt power supply is currently connected, but I also tried a 1800 watt power supply - the problem persists.

HiveOs hangs up completely from time to time.

Edit: After an hour of mining, nbminer stopped working and told me:

Rig data:
AMD Athlon 3000G
4GB Crucial 2666
Riser VER009S (PCIe)

Did you try gminer?

Was the only miner that worked for me with the new RX 6600…

ya, i tried, teamred, nb, gminer, nanominer… all failed

If i wanna play with oc’s or something else… rig will go offline and i cant reach em…
No Shell possible. I need a hard reset to restart the rig.
What do u think?

You teamredminer. Increase a bit the cores and core voltages. For the xt version try memory clock 1125 1150

thats not my problem dude :smiley:
The Problem is to run the rig stable with more than two cards :frowning:

Cards die due to low voltage. So increase it.

with stock settings…

have you tested switching their places? always GPU1 dies.

ya, i tried switching cards in several slots, but u see in first post, all cards died after a while :frowning:
what do u think? Mainboard or gpus are broken.?

Upgrade your hiveos amd restart.

I’m having the same sorts of issues. Been a nightmare. I’m coming around to think it’s just the BIOS and MB’s are too old.

Thanks to all guys.
I’ve bought a new MB - surprise - it works fine!

I had a new XT - was running it on very old hardware (mobo) - couldn’t get it to work at all on Hive - even tried several rigs. Tried lots of suggested fixes, go back to old Hive stable version, try new version, try beta version., tried various versions of various miners … …kept showing dead gpu …I had to return it to shop - they tested it (Windows) - worked fine. - I got my money back. I’ve just bought a 6600 (not xt), booted up and running straight away without any difficulty whatsoever.
I did see a couple days ago, Youtube vid, maybe on Rabid Mining, or Red Panda, that they had been having difficulty with a 6600 (not sure which version) but they had to change the bios setting for the PCIE to Gen 1 ?, as the other versions gen 2/3 wouldn’t allow to the GPU to boot in Hive. Don’t know if this helps someone. Anyway, if you can get 'em to run, 6600 nice card, 28.76# , 46w (core 900, core volt 620, MemCV 620, MemCl 950, MemV 1100)

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i set to gen2, it runs perfect.
tomorrow the 5th card follow, and i bought two msi non-xt 5 mins ago :wink:
Good luck to all.


I wanted to put all my Fighter Cards into one rig from working rigs. That was the start of a 4 day nightmare of total confusion. At the end of it all I went back to keeping the 6600XT’s away from the 6600 and my World is happy again. Also had to raise the VDDCI from 660 (worked previously) to 720 on the XT’s. I wonder if I’d set 720 in the mixed Fighter rig if it might have worked.

It seem that I also had similar porblem, after 2 weeks of trying, something helped, but I don’t know what exactly. What I did is:

  1. Use Hive OS beta/not yet stable version
  2. Power risers from VGA (using splitters only), GPUs were on VGA before
  3. Change teamredminer to lolminer
  4. Pcie gen set to auto
  5. Started tunning cards from no OC and getting to final settings using small steps (12mV on all voltages).

I think that 2. or 3. were most probable gamechangers.

What is that previous mobo you were using? And what is the new one?
I’m also having a headache around these 6600 non-xt, crashes and errors all the time!

old Mobo: Prime b450 Plus
New Mobo, Biostar TB360-btc pro 2.0

Why hiding your settings? special to you???