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Mining rig crashing with rx5700 xt sapphire

Thanks for sharing! I’ve done that mod but seems that Pulse model is very sensitive to B-mode value vs OC. I’m trying to figure out which is the optimal values for it!

Gpu 0 is a shappire 5700XT with 5700 bios and 1,2,3 are 5700s.

Ciao.Se non hai il bios modificato come ho detto sopra ti conviene inserire la modalita A
A-Mode 1400 @ 725mV, Mem 912 MHz --eth_config=A620

Do you also used MorePowerTools to mod your bios, or only RBE ?

Made these small changes for mine and much more stable …
Then you know each gpu is different … From this base you have tried some small changes to optimize your rig.
We all know that from one gpu to another everything can change.
Good job everyone.

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I didn’t use MorePowerTool because I changed the already modified bios of igorlab and that was already set with modification via MorePowerYTool to 725 725 180 so I only changed the x2 parameter that I told you before.
I advise you if you already have the igorlab bios mod on your gpu to make the change directly in the one there!

Yes, I already have all my bios modded like IgorLab said. I also used the AppleStrap for timings rather than copy/paste the 1500 parameters. Do you used the AppleStrap or did you copy/paste the original 1500 settings ?
I’ll give a try. Thank

I don’t know what AppleStrap is honestly!
From the already modified bios of igorlab I changed the 2x parameter and I copied from 1500 or 1550 to all the higher ones in both memory types.

AppleStraps are settings for Memories that you can use with RBE. These settings came from Apple because they use RX5700XT on there high end computer (MacPro).
These settings where provided per IgorLab and they state that they are better than the Sapphire settings.
Apple seem to have done great job for finding good settings that are efficient

Here the AppleStrap settings :

  • K4Z80325BC (Samsung GDDR6)

1000 MHz - 000000005E0C000000000000DA08000040000000101E0F092D000F0004040002100000000606060010000000110806000000010101000101001718003C0F00000A0A000078000000780000004A5156023C0000000C000A0A0F0400011F2A0C00780000004AF3130F7800000000000000

1250 MHz - 000000007E000000000000006A090000400200001426130D3900130006060002140000000607070014000000218A06000000010101000101001B18000B1300000D0D000096000000960000004D5166024B0000000C000A0D130400011F2A0C00960000000AF4130F9600000000000000

1550 MHz - 000000000F040000000000007A09000040030000162D170F4400170006060002180000000708080018000000210C07000000010101000101001C18009D1700000F0F0000B4000000B40000004F5178025A0000000C000A0F150500011F2A0C00B4000000CBF4130FB400000000000000

1800 MHz - 000000000F040000000000007A09000040030000162D170F4400170006060002180000000708080018000000210C07000000010101000101001C18006C1B00000F0F0000B4000000B40000004F5178025A0000000C000A0F150500011F2A0C00B4000000CBF4130FB400000000000000

2000 MHz - 000000001F080000000000000A0900004003000018341B114E001A000808000220000000070909001C000000218E07000000010101000101001E1800781E000012120000D2000000D200000052518602690000000C000A12170500011F2A0C00D20000008BF5130FD200000000000000

2250 MHz - 00000000280C0000000000001A090000400300001A3C1F135A001E000808000220000000080A0A0020000000211008000000010101000101001F18004722000014140000F0000000F000000054519802780000000C000A14190600011F2A0C00F00000004CF6130FF000000000000000

  • MT61K256M32 (Micron GDDR6)

1000 MHz - 40060000550C0000000000004A090000400000000F19110B28000F00040400020C0000000506060010000000218A05000000010101000101001718003C0F00000A0A000078000000780000008A204C02320000000A00040A0E0300011F2A0C006E000000C2F2130F6E00000000000000

1250 MHz - 0008000065000000000000005A090000400200001120150F33001300060600020C0000000507070014000000210C06000000010101000101001918000B1300000A0A000096000000960000008A205C02400000000A00040A100300011F2A0C008A00000082F3130F8A00000000000000

1550 MHz - 800900007D040000000000006A09000040020000142619133D00170006060002100000000508080018000000218E06000000010101000101001C18009D1700000A0A0000B4000000B40000008A206C024C0000000A00040A130300011F2A0C00A500000002F4130FA500000000000000

1750 MHz - 800900007D040000000000006A09000040020000142619133D00170006060002100000000508080018000000218E06000000010101000101001C1800A91A00000A0A0000B4000000B40000008A206C024C0000000A00040A130300011F2A0C00B400000002F4130FB400000000000000

1800 MHz - 000B00000D08000000000000EA09000040030000162C1D1747001B000808000210000000050909001C000000319006000000010101000101001E18006C1B00000A0A0000D2000000D20000008A207C02580000000A00040A150300011F2A0C00D2000000C2F4130FD200000000000000

1875 MHz - 000B00000D08000000000000EA09000040030000162C1D1747001B000808000210000000050909001C000000319006000000010101000101001E1800931C00000A0A0000D2000000D20000008A207C02580000000A00040A150300011F2A0C00D2000000C2F4130FD200000000000000

2000 MHz - C00B0000150A000000000000FA09000040030000172F1F194C001D000808000214000000050A0A001E000000311207000000010101000101001F1800781E00000A0A0000E1000000E10000008A2084025E0000000A00040A160300011F2A0C00E100000002F5130FE100000000000000

Are these 100 x 100 safe ??? Do you have these?
Let’s do this since you already have this bios modify this with VramTiming 13 doubling the value that comes out and then kindly you could post the results here so I understand better if it’s worth trying it or not.
Thank you very much in advance, very kind.

Another question, sorry.
But are these settings of stock bios or already modified to do more MH / s like the modification of igorlab?
I wonder why in case just copy paste and change only the 2x parameter and see how it behaves.

Could you send me the bios x the sapphire rx 5700 xt nitro + oc already ready with these parameters that you wrote here of AppleStraps x Favor.
Thanks Do I email you or do you share it via google drive? what do you prefer.

Send me you mail per mp please. I’ll send you the bios

Bios are modded… Thats why im asking for help.

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I understand but if you don’t do the mood modification of your bios as I explained above you will have 100 x 100 problems!
First you have to do the modification of the bios and install them in the gpu.

Second you have to use Team Red Miner V 0.8.1 version
With the modified bios you have to try the 2 settings or mode A or B with different overclocks that I put below:

A-Mode 1400 @ 725mV, Mem 912 MHz eth_config = A620

B-Mode 1245 @ 705mV, Mem 912 MHz
–eth_config = B608
Once this is done you have to optimize your rig! You know very well that gpus are always different from each other.
Starting from this overclocking basis.
I recommend if it crashes to raise the MV (VVD) to 725 and then do your tests to optimize it.

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out of curiosity, which risers (version) are you using?

Hello @Claudio_Fresta . This bios modification is for which memory brand ? Samsung and Micron memories are not supporting the same overclock or underclock.
Or doesn’t matter ?

And indifferent … The overclocking base is the one indicated then in case you set it up for your cards.

I’m currently using blue v006C risers. I wait for some new v009 to give them a try.
Anyway I have stabilized the RIG. It was, of course, an OC problem. I use too much under-volt function. I had to rise my voltage a little bit.

Hi, I have your exact model of card, but 6.
Which is your final config?
I´ve tried all your settings but always one card DEAD and reboots ring.