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Mining Multiple Coins Simultaenously

Good day everyone,

Please I want to inquire if it is possible to mine multiple coins on the same Algorithm (SHA256) with one ASIC Miner. For instance can the Antminer S9J mine Bitcoin Cash, DigiByte, BSV, e.t.c. simultaenously in a pool?

Think hive doesn’t allow for mutliple pools. Braiins has an option to add several pools, and each can be a different sha256 coin

Thanks a lot for your kind response. Just for clarification, lets assume this scenerio:

I have 1 ASIC Miner and then I connect or install it with the Braiins app. Will this setup allow my ASIC to mine lets say 3 or more SHA256 Coins on different pools or same pool?

Appreciate your kind clarifications

braiins is a firmware for the asic, just like the antminer or hive. Unless you have a hefty miner, you might not want to mine so many coins, but yes you can. You do it by setting different pools for each coin you want

prohashing is awesome if you want many choices of skittes to mine in the rainbow, and you don’t even have to do any extra work choosing different pools for each specific crypto.

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