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Mining ERGO with Vega 56 & 64

There is a startup script but i don’t know how to use it… I’ve googled it before but it seemed like too much hassle… Ergo mining is pretty stable and if you use the command button on hiveos interface you actually have a history of previous used commands so it’s not that big of a deal… By the way i’m about to open a ticket about hiveos having problems while running multiple miners… I have 2 rigs that both show weird behavior at times… Like if i check my hashrate on the pool, sometimes one of the 2 miners has stopped reporting hashrate even though on hiveos it’s mining normally… This is a huge deal cause hashrate is effectively going to waste… I have a rig that runs a 390X on phoenixminer and a vega on TRM… Sometimes the vega hashrate is missing and sometimes the 390X is missing… Same with another rig that has a 5700xt on TRM and 2x3080tis on Nbminer… Though most of the time its the TRM that’s not reporting the hashrate on the pool… Really frustrated about why is that and what i should do about it… I think i will rename the worker name on the miners so i get 2 different hashrates on the pool instead of a combined one…

yeah, seems really odd when there is only one truly viable miner for AMD cards that they would not be able to handle multiple miners better. I tried all the others when trying to make a mixed rig work but they all had noticeably less hashrate if they worked at all.

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I know right? Not only that but some cards are different than others… In my TRM tuning settings i have different modes for the vega and 5700xt…If i was to put them all in the same rig i’d have trouble setting the b-mode right for both… Not only that but the 8.6 version of TRM affects stability on vegas for some reason… It really made me think my vega has degraded or something… Havent tested the 8.6.2 update but if the 8.5 works fine why bother with the 8.6.2?

Which is why I am thinking about working around the issue with proxmox. The issue then is that it will think I have 3-4 rigs when I actually only have 1 and that will kick me out of the free tier I think.

Not to mention possible issues with the extra layer of complexity. Such as a card dying and that VM restarts but it doesn’t restart the card and just loops.

Proxmox is not the answer, just the only thing I can figure out unless someone can create a custom TRM (or 3) miner that we can use with the normal TRM. It is possible, I just have no idea what I am doing.

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I think it would be better to create a thread dedicated to it…

I did, it didn’t get any replies: Need to create a copy of TRM so I can run it 2x but get errors?

Made a new thread with a better title to see if anyone would reply this time. I am even considering offering a bounty for someone that can get a working TRM custom miner.

Thank you to all the contributors of this post, and @ss-silver for starting the thread and helping many along the way. I’ve learned quite a bit getting my rig stable and optimized. I’m sure I could push my cards a bit further but I’ve tried to balance power consumption with performance. Figured I’d share my settings to give back to the community. Cheers!

Straps below:
Sapphire Vega 56 (Samsung) -

amdmemtweak --CL 20 --RC 37 --RP 11 --WR 14 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 20 --REF 65535 --RFC 248 --RTP 5 --RRDL 6 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 12 --RCDWR 12

ASUS Vega 56 (Hynix) -

amdmemtweak --CL 20 --RC 37 --RP 11 --WR 14 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 20 --REF 65535 --RFC 248 --RTP 5 --RRDL 6 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 12 --RCDWR 12

Red Dragon Vega 56 (Samsung) -

amdmemtweak --CL 20 --RC 36 --RP 11 --WR 14 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 20 --REF 65535 --RFC 248 --RTP 5 --RRDL 6 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 12 --RCDWR 12

AMD/ATI LC Vega 64 (Samsung) -

amdmemtweak --CL 20 --RC 44 --RP 14 --WR 14 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 30 --REF 17000 --RFC 249 --RTP 5 --RRDL 6 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 14 --RCDWR 12

Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 64 (Samsung) -

amdmemtweak --CL 20 --RC 44 --RP 14 --WR 14 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 30 --REF 17000 --RFC 249 --RTP 5 --RRDL 6 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 14 --RCDWR 12

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This is absolutely the best OC for my Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro+ flashed to Vega 56, its working for days without problems, with stable 55.65MH for ETH. Just want to say BIG THANK YOU for sharing with us.

If you have OC for ERGO in range from 180-190MH and for 190-200MH please share with us!!!

Thank you!

Happy it helped! Contributions that SS-Silver and the likes made and helped me get started makes me want to help others and optimize here. Sapphire are far and away my favorite vega’s Ive worked with. I would add Ive been able to get all Vega stable at 57 MHs so you may be able to eek some more performance out, not at the cost of a lot of power. Newest strap i use is here: amdmemtweak --RC 38 --RP 11 --WR 14 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 20 --REF 65535 --RFC 248 --RTP 5 --RRDL 6 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 12 --RCDWR 12. RC 38 is something I have been playing around with and am happy with. It allows you to go to 1060 mem clock which unlocks 57 MHs. I usually have had to set memory voltage to 1300 mV to get this. Memory voltage is a huge lever for both power consumption, stability, as well as unlocking higher clocks. Ive also noticed that hashrate will jump as soon as certain memory speeds are reached. Its unlike other cards where adding +5 clock adds X% more hash. Nothing will happen until you reach about +15 and then it will jump. Here is my current sapphire rig: (still trouble shooting the one with invalids - likely voltage too low)

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Ho joy, we’ll have to redo some fine-tuning again:

Team Red Miner v0.8.6.3
Emergency release for all ERGO miners! You must upgrade to this version before block 614400, roughly 24h from the time of release!

README highlights:

Autolykos2: emergency release to support larger pad size from block 614400. Some GPUs (mainly Vegas) will need higher core clocks to achieve the same performance as previous versions due to larger pads breaking some previous optimizations.

My Vega’s have around 135MH/s after this upgrade .

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Ergo doesnt have the same optimization opportunities, generally is more power in equals more hash out. I havent optimized for that yet since ergo hasnt been more profitable in a while and turns vega’s into mini 3080Ti level heaters. Same principle that it seems certain milestones in number causes hashrate to jump. I personally like the soc 860 → 180 MH at 120W app (180W ish at wall). It is better than 200 MH at 170W (staggering 250W wall) in terms of efficiency which I care more about. If you want 200 MH anyway, it just depends on the card. Most do 190+. The #1 lever to get about 190 is just adding more core speed and voltage. Use SS-silver memtweak straps and that 90% optimized.


just found out that. thats massive nerf for vegas:( from 180 to 135ish

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Hello everyone, I am new, this post helped me a lot to configure my 10 card rig, 4 vega 64 and 5 vega 56, some up to 202mh/s and what do I see this morning, I fall to 147mh/s maximum … I want to cry

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Well, the next phrase in the release notes is :

More optimizations to come in future releases.

So hopefully they get slightly better again…
But until then I think I’m converting them back to ETH. The difference is too big now.

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I think it is necessary to wait, a good part is going to leave so the difficulty is going to decrease (even if technically that does not change anything, I noticed anyway that with less difficulty I mined faster) and to see how it is going to behave the course. In 2 weeks we will know if we stay on ergo or go to eth…

Went from 195 - 200 per card to 145 - 150. BUT power is lower by about 15W software. Makes me think higher rates are possible with higher core values … IF the card will support it. I believe reference cards tap out at 1472 …

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Hi!!, Yeah I just realized the hard fork thing a few mins ago, updated miner and… wow. hashrate decreased a lot…

I’m using Nanopool and didn’t know about this. Where did all my hashrate go arg :frowning: :grin:

What about this?:

" * Autolykos2: emergency release to support larger pad size from block 614400. Some GPUs (mainly Vegas) will need higher core clocks to achieve the same performance as previous versions due to larger pads breaking some previous optimizations. More optimizations to come in future releases."

Do we need to increase core clocks?. I will stay as it is right now and that´s it, let´s hope hashrate increases again a little bit at least.

It’s not a hard fork, it’s just a pad size increase for which TRM needed an update.
And yes, as they mention in their release notes, increasing core clocks will get you a better hashrate again. But don’t expect the same hashrate / wattage ratio.

Hello, how are you, greetings from Argentina, I also have a 6 gpu vega 56 miner and what a surprise, now ask from ignorance what would it be TRM I hope you can read what I wrote since I use the translator thanks