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Mac Pro Fan Control


Hi there,

I have a Mac Pro with 2 x Radeon Pro Vega II graphics cards.
These cards don’t have any fans on them and are cooled by the 3 large chassis fans on the front.
The mac pro only has the front 3 fans but I don’t have any control of them.

In the hive os web interface the fan speed reads 0% which is technically true because the amd cards dont have fans.
I tried Fan autotune but that had no effect either.
I also tried installing lm-sensors and then when i run the sensors command there is no listings for fans.

So basically how do I control the 3 front chassis fan speeds with Hiveos?


you can control the fan and cahnge the speed of them with Macs Fan Control
what do you mine with your Mac pro? i’m trying to find a way to mine ETH using GPU but i don’t know how. the only solution i found is by using Bootcamp…but that’s not pratical for me

I have hive os loaded onto a usb drive and I directly boot mac pro to usb. Then i log into hive os on the web and do all the setup and control with a different computer (optionally i have the hive iphone app)

I use team read miner and mine into my metamask wallet for eth configured through hive os

The issue is when booted to the usb im runing hive os which is some kind of linux so there is no built in fan control in hive os for the way apple controls the fans and the fans just run at idele speeds so the cards get hot and then the eth hash rate goes down. your suggestion of mac fan control wont work b/c it runs on osx not hive os

I ended up zip tying two computer fans i salvage from an old chassis and connecting to 12v power to move more air through the mac pro

ok, wow that’s quite an installation. too bad you need to use another os system to mine, it clearly seems impossible to do it directly on the Mac, which is a petty…I’ve been looking for solution but haven’t, beside using Bootcamp, but I need my Mac for work so, not convenient. Some people on reddit told me I could with ethmine by writing some script, but couldn’t understand how to make it work :frowning:

2 graphic cards, that must be quite powerful… how many cores do you have?

Does is really worth doing?

I have a 16 core / 96 ram and / 1 Radeon Pro Vega II

Right now I’ve tried mining using Xmrig, for ADA, but with only coda, it’s not very productive….so frustrating!

My recommendation is to download .iso image of hive os(get the .zip) from here:

then create a bootable usb:

create an account and login:

Once you are logged in add a new worker, it will generate a config file that should be put on the USB you just created.

Boot mac pro to usb drive and you will see just a command line interface
Since you said you dont have another desktop download the hiveos phone app and load your flightsheet using phone app

With this method you will likely run into the fan problem I had but if you can keep the card < 70 degree on the core then I am getting 81.5MH/s if the card gets up to 74 degrees the hash rate drops to 70MH/s I haven’t let it get much hotter than that. I am also running the cards at 200w with no other clock or memory modifications. Any overclocking or underclocking doesnt work but setting the wattage does.

It does seem like a bunch of setup but its really easy to monitor on your phone, you can remote reboot and shutdown, monitor temps and wattage and everything through the app. Since you need it osx for work i would suggest you work in osx then when you want to mine you boot to the USB and it will just start mining after the initial setup steps are completed

If you decide to dual boot windows you can download a script from here to help get ethminer running: Hiveon ETH pool Downloads
that should be a good template for modifying your own info in and should get you up and running

I dont know how to mine in native osx, but if you do figure that out you will need a way to change the GPU max wattage which is another thing i am not sure how to do on OSX

i have lots of cores but when mining only gpu matters, the cpu usage is pretty light

you can use this eth calculator to play around with “if its worth it”

Id say it is very likely worth doing but may depend on your electric costs

Hope this helps

Thanks, I will try this method

Have you tried mining using Bootcamp?

What is GPU max wattage that you mentioned?

Also, how can I know how much energy my computer consume while mining?

I found my electricity price, it’s 18,53 cent / kWh during the day and 18,53 during the night.

I guess it’s exepensive…? I’m in France

Now I have to know the consolation of the computer to check on the page you gave me

I have not tried using bootcamp.

Using made up numbers:
lets say at 200w you get a rate of 50MH/S and then at 210W you get 55 MH/S but if the wattage goes to the max of say 400w your has is only 58 MH/S so there are diminishing returns and at some point no returns so using software to set max wattage will make your mining more efficient in terms of wattage to hash rate

Most mining software will tell you how much wattage the GPU itself is running then I add about 60w for other resources in the system to get an estimate of total wattage. I also own a watt meter which plugs into the wall to get exact readings. probably overkill for just one mining machine

im not an expert on electricity pricing, just do the math to find out if its economical

ok thanks, i guess i’ll just try
it’s just too bad it’s not possible to mine using GPU on the Mac itself, since I need it for work… :frowning:

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