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Low and "unmatched" HS RTX 3080 TI MSI Gaming X Trio 12GB Micron

Hi friends, I have this situation : please take a detailed look, to my screenshot below.

to clarify further more my point I’m showing to you my rig “Set up” where you can see Power sources , Memory , motherboard , cable runs , risers and so fort.

As you can see all the cards have the same overclocking values, but very different hash rate each one.

Also you can see below , the environment operational temperature and humidity of the place where the rig is working at this moment.

I Know and understand the fact , there is no 2 exact the same card hence → no 100% equal HS is possible at all boards all the time. but …

I can deal with 1 or 2 MH , per CPU difference from “ideal or reported” (118 or more) , but I have GPU´s running at 119.6 (gpu 5 in the first screenshoot) and 111.4 (gpu 1 in the same pic) weird thing.

Same setup, same config, same ports, same risers, you can see in the pics detailed each component.

Any help will be appreciated.

I’ve tried also new raisers , same result, PCIe Gen 1 , Gen 2 and AUTO , same results.
2 different motherboards (asus & biostar) same result.
I´ve changed, this Celeron, tried with an I5 10500 , same results.

I´m kinda “I do not have a clue about this behavior”…

Any thoughts , experiences that may point me in the right direction to all board running at “more or less” same hash rate ?

Kind Regards.

Not sure why you are running your core so high:

T-Rex 26.4 and locked in on that 3080ti since 26.3:

I dont Know… seems core clock down, drops hash rate as you can see in the image.


Which miner and did you stop the miner, restart, reboot, what was your process for this change?

I´ve performed "on the fly , no reboot. I’m Using NBMiner 42.2

What do you suggest, thanks !

I shared the miner and version I use above, T-Rex 26.4.

I’d force the GPUs to restart the process from scratch after a change.

I´ve, change miner (to T-Rex 26.4 ) , I´ve borrowed your OC settings…
shitty results… 80 mhs…

(start / stop services , apply settings and reboot, every single setting changed as you suggested.)

Going back to previous OC settings, causes same effect, not a “bad” hashrate, but unequal or unsimilar in my gpus

all gpus were bought on same day, same place, 9 gpus were picked out of the same importing box, I don’t know , incredible this behavior to me —

Maybe an exorcist ? ; ) Thanks.

If T-Rex is running in the 80’s on a 3080ti, something else is going on.

fwiw: Have seen a wide range of performance from same brand, manufacturing date, etc. I was buying mine in lots of 6 or more. In my experience, what you are sharing is within range.

Thankfully, most of my GPUs are AMD so I can bump voltage a bit easier to balance them out and separate their requirements into various rigs.

T-rex give me 80s … PLUS your overclocking settings.
Using my OC setting both miners, NBMiner and Trex, comes back to the hashrate you se in my 1st screenshot. 111 to 119.-

I’m just wondering if Windows MSI afterburner would help me in fine tunning "voltages and so forth even more “fine” than hive OS Console.

Thanks Again.

In general, mine run high power, but I don’t have MSI branded models. Wondering if setting the power limit to max would improve outcomes. Nvidia-info for the one above is here if it helps to compare specific values:

fine tune your clocks per card. find the highest stable mem clock and the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. all cards wont be identical, but your core clock is much higher than needed.

Hi Keaton , please take a look below…
This is the clock you can see at the miner ( NBminer 42.2) console.

And the next image , shows what settings I´ve applied on Hiveon OC.

As you can see , there is no correlation between the values I set on hive os console and the CCLOCK values shown on NBMiner console

Also take a look at nvidia cards frecuency…

As you can see all clock frequencies differs

If I go DOWN with CCLOCK Values on hive OS , less than 1650 , clock and GPU´s drops frequency and hasrate also drops too.

I can push my cclock values up to 1700, but gpu´s start to hung and not change at all in cclock freq.

If I return to lower cclock values (less than 1650) hasrate drops a lot.

I Understand 1650 in clock may be a lot , but , y cant find any relation between cclock values on hive OS and the board itself

No matter if a wrote 2200, 1650 or 1000 in cclock values on hive OS
Maximum values on the GPU´s without “hung” goes to 1090 / 1100 and so forth. (please check previous pictures.)

I understand may I have to decrease cclock but I cant find ANY value from 0 to 1650 (going by 50 steps) that give me better hashrate than you can see on my pictures.

Kinda Clueless.

Thanks folks any word can help.

Looking forward to read from you.


set your powerlimit to the max for your bios, 380w. see if that removes the throttling. if not, you can flash another vendor bios as msi bios are known to have artificial limits on some cards.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Power limit set to 380W

No changes …

Do you mean change power settings to the bios of the motherboard ?

Also can you please be so kind in point me some download site where I can get a new bios for these boards ?

Thanks in advance.

do they all show throttle powerlimit still? and look on techpowerup for a similiar card (another 3080ti, with matching amount of 8 pins) for example, i use a ftw3 3080 non lhr bios on my msi gaming z trio 3080 nonlhr

Power Limit at 380 , no changes.

I have these 9 MSI Gaming X Trio 12 GB LHR , I dont know for sure , what VBIOS could be compatible and more or less sure to update.

Have so afraid to brick a card choosing wrong firmware , I have not that kind of experience in GPU´s at this moment

Maybe if you help choosing a good option (under my own risk) I will do it.

Firmware have to be LHR , am I right ? or can be a NON LHR one ? Thanks.

all 3080ti are “lhr”. do your cards have a dual bios switch? if so theres basically no risk. either way its very hard to mess up a modern card while bios flashing.

i would use an evga bios from a card with the same amount of 8 pin pcie power connectors as your model to test.

Thanks for your time.
At this point I’m Kinda new to GPU´s , I dont Know if my Cards “MSI Gaming X trio 12GB”, have these “dual bios switch” not sure if it is a hardware switch or software switch.

I´ve tried to download a bios from a “high hash rate” GPU and reflash it to a “low hash rate” GPU , same result , process was a success , but HS , still the same.

I will change some raisers today …

Thanks for your guidance and help.

If they are still advising you in the Nvidia-info field they are “Throttle: PowerLimit” do not expect maximum performance.

I’d next test a single poor performing GPU with the power inputs from the power supply directly attached. Make sure there is no chance a power supply power rail is being over run and see if the performance changes and Nvidia-info changes.

If that fails: As Keaton suggested, matching the number of 8 pin power inputs, typically 2 or 3, to other GPUs, and using a BIOS from one of them as a test to remove the PowerLimit is a valid test.