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Locked core clock speed is much better than power-limit, why is not included by default?

On my research I’ve found that manually setting core clock is much better than setting a power limit to the card. HiveOS already has nvidia-smi so why not create a section in Overclocking GUI to set core-clock?

Actually I have some RTX3070 limited to 130W (just for security) but after that i go to console and I limit them to 1155MHz with:

“nvidia-smi -lgc 1155”

Now they perform better and consume less watts. Why this is not implemented on HiveOS?

Is there anyway to set custom scripts at boot or after miner-start? So I can run this script automatically on boot of after miner start.

Here you can see my example:

As image caption, 3080 watts are reporting +90W because of bios change from MSI to ASUS ROG STRIX (to avoid PL on Cuda). On windows I could set mhz/voltage lock, but here I can’t).

With Power Limit 3070 where set to 130W, so they consume 130W, and also hashes where lower (like 0.3-0.5Mhs). With locked core speed you set a higher PL, but, if card doesnt need it dont use it. Speed is constant, so hashed are also.

With powerlimit you have to test and search for everycard the optimum PL, with locked speed, you set somthing higher (like 130W) and then limit, each card will take needed voltage to achieve that speed, much better and less time waste.

As you can see, my Gigabyte needs 127W to do the same that others do with <120W, so at begining limiting at 120W was reporting bad hashes on Gigabyte.


I’ve found nvidia-smi -lgc 900 way more suitable for my 3070s – just try it

I’ve tried multiple core clocks, and anything below 1075 is bein core limited. I’m not saying that you cant mine on 900mhz, but you are being limited by core speed and not memories.
My cards can go +62MHz easily, but when coreclock is lower than 1075, they go to 61-60MHs.
BTW, this is not answering any of my questions xD

Here are my preciouses do mining at 900:

Anything higher just increase the power consumption, total hashrate goes up like 0.5 mhs

p.s. the devs are fully aware of -lgc, I suppose they’ll figure something out like another field in the OC template or some

Good news, everyone. Install the latest update ([email protected]) and then set “Core Clock” parameter in your Overclocking sheet to 1150. That Core Clock field is kind of smart now – a number greater than 500 will be treated as fixed frequency value. We’re golden now, yay


Wow! Really nice men. I tried those 900mhz on my 3070 but they lose some MHs (0.5-1) and power consumption is the same, so they keep at 1075.
Thanks for your answer!

Hey man, thanks for sharing the strategy.

I have tried “nvidia-smi -lgc 1150”. This didn’t worked for me. I got a decrease by 0.25 MHs and the power usage didn’t changed.

Than, I tried “nvidia-smi -lgc 900” and I got an increase of 0.25 MHs and a better power usage. My GPU consumption decreased to 120W. I have four RTX 3070.


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Strang thing that this fixed setting is working for the 3070, but with my 3060ti (on position 0) it isn’t using its full potential with only 100 watt… Core speed is however set to 915Mhz if I look in the nvidia-info. for the other 3060ti’s i filled in the fixed core with nvidia-smi -lgc 915…

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3070 worked really well. Had to go back to previous settings (not fixed core clock) for the 3060 Ti(s).

have you tried to set the clock manually for each 3060ti by pressing on the “Run command” button? image .

I set the clock on 915Mhz for each of them with “nvidia-smi -i 0 -lgc 915” where the number after “-1” corresponds with gpu number. I set the PL to 126Watt. I get the exact same hashrate as the 3070


You know man I did not try to set those individually. I did read that in your post. I appreciate your follow-up it’s more clear now to do that within the browser. I just set the 3070 from the OC table and it worked fine.

I made the core clock changes on my rtx 3070s, and it looks good. The rtx 3060 ti’s dont like that change for some reason, so reverted back to -500/2600.

Am I running my cards too agressively? Do I need to back down the memory clock?

Here is my current config.:

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OK. It is good to limit the core but it is even better if we can limit the voltage at a certain core. For instance, I would like to lock in 1550 Mhz at 700mV for my 3070:s. Is this something you are working on? This would allow the users to use tweak the performance for different mining activities while maintaining the lowest possible power draw.

As far as i know this cannot be done under linux because of nvidia driver/api doesnt have that opcion (yes it does on windows).

3060ti is unhappy because its sweet spot is much higher. Try to set 1420 (+/-15) and it will be happy. My 2 FEs are happy with 1425:
Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti 8GB 1425/8100 62.01 MH/s 120 W 43°C / 65%
Also it seems that value you set via nvidia-smi is dependent on value of core clock set in OS. That is why j2h4u has his cards happy on 900 (he has -200 core on screenshot). Actually his cards would be as much or even more happy on 885.
For my 3070s I set -400 for core clock in OS and then set 690 in nvidia-smi and it is closely the same as set 0 core clock and 1080 in nvidi-smi (that value changes in increments of 15 that’s why it is not exactly 400).
But looks like using this trick helps to save couple of watts and couple of celsius.
I’m still experimenting with diferen modes and values. There is my rig. The first card has core clock -400, others have 0:
Screenshot 2021-04-08 010451

I’m so grateful to both of you guys for sharing this and I’m so happy that I found this thread. My rig now so much stable and power efficiency just skyrocketed.

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For some reason my the efficiency is a little lower when is set the 1410mhz instead of the manual lock…

1410mhz core settings

nvidia-smi -lgc 915 settings

This may be a stupid questoin, but I am a bit confused:
For the 3070s > do we setup 1075 in the HiveOS GUI and then run the nvidia-smi -i 0 -lgc 1075 in the run command?
I was doing it all from the Web GUI OC window, but now that I am reading your pasts again, it look slike I need to adjust in both places.
Thanks much!

Its one or another. If you have the latest stable version you can go with the GUI otherwise you should try the command line

I am using the latest HiveOS with latest Nvidia driver: N460.67 and uzsed the GUI to set the values, but wanted to make sure I did not have to use the run command first and then put something in the GUI.

Sounds like if I just use the GUI with the 1075, I should be OK.

Thank you for your input!