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Load average rises

I bought a new video card MSI rtx 3080 ti, after installing it, the load average increases and the rig restarts. I changed the risers, I changed the power cables, the problem persists. What will it be and how can I solve the problem?

Image 8-17-22 at 9.37 AM

Post a full, uncropped screenshot of your worker overview screen

You’re using core offsets instead of locked core clocks. These cards are much more stable with proper oc.

Set your core clock to around 1200mhz and your memory to around 1000mhz. If it’s stable after a while fine tune from there. The goal being to find the highest memory clock and lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate.

Also, any time you get a driver error, click on it, look at the card causing the error (pcie location is listed in the error and matches the card on your worker overview screen) lower mem clock and reboot.

the data you said does not exceed 106 megahash

Image 8-18-22 at 11.14 AM

Have you tested your PCI path for errors?

Shell command: nvidia-smi dmon -s et -d 10 -o DT

what settings were you running when it crashed, and did you lower the mem clock on the card in pcie 03:00 after the crash and reboot?

  1. 2000

0 core and 2000 memory? 0 core is too much, you want to underclock as low as you can while maintianing full hashrate, and if its crashing on 2000 memory then thats too much too.

and how much should I put?
no matter how I put it, when it goes above 117 megahash, the rig shuts down

Step 1 start with no settings

Step 2 find the highest stable mem clock, ex: if it crashes at 2500 but not at 2450, leave it at 2450.

Step 3 find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. Hive treats values above 500 as locked clocks. Find the lowest clock that gets the full hashrate you got with no core clock set, if hashrate decreases, you’re too low, if it increases when going up, you’re not high enough etc. trial and error to find this.

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the whole problem is that the full hashrate is not provided. When going above 116 the rig shuts down, I can’t get to full hashrate

With which error?
Does it freeze or actually shut down power button to be toggle to turn back on?

The temps you are showing are terrible. fwiw: This is mine during the summer

Note: No power limits in use and “shut downs” are commonly power related.

Full hashrate is relative, each card is unique. Post a screenshot of your current settings

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