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Intel Arc GPU Support


I am just wondering when we will see support in Hiveos for the Intel Arc graphics cards? I was wanting to build a rig with A750’s. Thanks in advance for the info.

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Developers just recently got a few arc gpus to work on implementation. No eta as of now though.


Interesting request

Any bench for such cards in Windows yet ?

Awesome. Thanks for the update!

Some have online, they’re not too impressive with current software.

Just saw bench around the web. Indeed they are not that efficient
They should be half their price to be competitive

how’s progress re ARC support? they are pretty good on ergo…


Don’t have any update as of now, will let you know if I hear anything though.


Yes they are some of the best cards for ergo.

I’ve been waiting for support on hive for them. I have enough for two eight card rigs. Just waiting.

Do you think this is getting close with this?

Just checking in on the status of support for Intel Arc GPU’s? I just want to show my support for this effort, as I have some of these GPU’s and would love to start using them in my farm.


Don’t have any updates unfortunately. I will ping the devs and see if there is any news

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Thanks for the response.

Does Hive do some kind of a bounty program to help incentive requests from the community.

Not at the moment, but i can propose the idea to the team.

I would appreciate that. I think the Intel Arc A750 shows a lot of promise, but would really love to see HiveOS support to fully utilize the card!

Any updates on this?

Unfortunately nothing new on my end

Anything new? Other mining software currently offers core clock and power controls. I prefer to use Hive so I will not mention unless you ask.

The latest beta has initial support once some extra opencl libraries are installed, but still no oc controls as of now.

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