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If you need a reliable responsive admin

My name is: Mike

I provide the following services

  • Flash AMD VBIOS
  • Overclock all types of cards
    -hardware consulting
  • Assemble rigs in Chicagoland area only
  • Setup network Chicagoland area only

I’m from:
USA. Illinois

I speak:
English, Sarcasm

I’m working online for you
I can work offline in Chicagoland area

Information about me:
My background, success story

Highly skilled. Highly technical. Over 25 years in tech. Managed technical projects for high level executives.

I love this stuff & spend hours researching & learning. I’m looking for a way to make a little extra doing this. I’m not looking to rip you off or take your hard earned money. Shoot me your meds & what you think is fair.

I will be responsive & easy to get in touch with.

Please contact me on

Email. [email protected]
Discord usafmike#9257

My phone: after agreement

Hi Mike,

Like your post and hello from over here in Seattle!

I’m not looking for an admin at the moment, but maybe at some point in the future. I’ll keep you in mind for that if the need arises.

Wanted to drop you a line and say I’d be happy to talk shop with you anytime if you ever have any ideas or things you feel like bouncing off someone. I’m relatively new to mining but have a decent background in tech and a hunger for knowledge.

  • Mr_Oraculus

Hi, I think I am looking for someone just like you…

please reach me on discord: patak#4158

or through email: [email protected]

thank you

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