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IceRiver ks0 - lost connection with Asic-Hub after 1 day


I have a Iceriver ks0 miner, and I try to use ASIC-HUB on HiveOS.
I use of ASIC-HUB (i guess lastest version on linux),
and after 1 day uptime, my miner goes offline on my Hiveos dashboard, but my miner is still online…

this is what i see asic-hub logs: (I repeat… this error occurs after 1 day uptime)
11:53AM WRN device (kakukk) is still offline error=“iceriver: failed to connect to API - Post “”: dial tcp connect: connection refused” ip= kind=ICERIVER mac=yyyyyyyy name=kakukk rig_id=xxxxx tag=monitor type=“IceRiver ks0”

I can connect to miner dashboard ( and i can login to userpanel.

If I restarted the Asic-hub nothing changed… but if I restart my miner, the asic-hub goes online for ~1 day… and this problem repeating.

Any idea, how to fix this?

Does it go offline at 24hr uptime on the dot?
Do you have any other asics in asic hub? If so, do they also go offline?

When accessing the dashboard of the miner when asic shows offline, does the miner respond to changes? (Fan/wallet/pool)

Littlebit more than 24 hour uptime… around 32 hour.
I dont have any other asics… only this.

Yes. Miner respond any changes, and still mining, just asic-hub shows offline…

Have you rebooted the linux system since updating asic hub?

Yes, of course!

After 33 hours uptime, the issue is come back.