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I want sit the fan speed according to temp

hey guys i want use Hive OS but i want use the fan speed according to the Temperature
i eardy use windows with msi afterburner and i do it great
but i wonder if there is way to do the same here with Hive OS ??
i want set minmum fan speed to 40% if the temperature is 40 and it go faster to 100% if the temp 80%
imean when the Temperature go up the speed also follow it
i hope u undersatnd me guys and sory for my bad english :smile:

The afterburner Fan curve is a great. I want this feature also. Hope they add it to HiveOS. A simple solution to temperature issue.

I have written a script which does exactly this. Since I only have AMD cards, the script only works on AMD. You can set a fan curve, and then the script will turn the fans depending on the values in the fan curve.

Hi 1stnoblegas
Can you share this script for AMD cards? I would like run my AMD fans dynamically.

for nvidia:

Don’t you mind to share your script?