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I lost access to all of the shared farm’s today!

I was managing about 50-100 farms and today between 830am mt and noon mt all of them went away for me as well as my partners who had the same full access control on these farms as I did!

Farm access sharing now requires a personal tier farm (paid farm) you can read more here: Hive billing

As many users were creating multiple farms and sharing access back and forth to circumvent the old tier billing structure, this ensures fair usage for everyone.

The users that were sharing their farms can enable “Paid features” in the billing tab to enable shared farm access and 180 days stats, their rigs will be billed at the standard personal tier rates, ranging from $0.50/month to $3/month per worker, see the rig cost breakdown also in that link above for more info.

Wow this comes as a shock!
So before I was a full access on all of my customers farms, can I be a tech user or monitor or do all sharing roles require a paid subscription?

Any access sharing requires a paid farm, which can be shared to any user/account. No tech/monitor access for free tier farms.

Sadly many abused the previous system to create many “free” accounts to bypass the billing structure.

Thanks for the help on this and I certainly understand the reasoning behind this but it has painted me into a corner for sure…
I was just working with one of my users to try to have him enable the paid features, But it wont allow him to becuse he doesnt have enough funds, so the I had him change the payer to me. that went rhough and I accepted the request, But it still wont let him enable paid features AND I cant view his farm!!!

I have a farm with a substantial amount of money in that I can use to pay for the mgmt costs but I dont want to work through sending money to each of the farms so that I can gain access to their farms and start managing them again!!!

Can you guys help me on the back end here? or once they make me the payer can I view their farm to move funds into theirs and enable paid features???
There has to be a better process!!!

Shoot us an email [email protected] and we can help you get everything sorted.

I have sent another request! (I sent one yesterday as well).
Hoping to have this resolved ASAP!

please check your inbox/spam folder :slightly_smiling_face:

You have to reach out at support team and immediately report an issue. provide them the full detail about what happen. They are able to solve your problem.