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I have a dynamic Ip with my ISP, how can I withdraw my remaining ETH? the ip address is not accepted

Hi, How can I retrive my remaining ETH, my isp gives me a dynamic IP address and they don´t work on the payout page The rigs are running I just change them to ETC Thank for any help

Option 2 on the banner on your pool dashboard if you aren’t able to verify your ip

I don´t get a live chat option as mention in point 2

" If the Claim payout button is unavailable, please get in touch with the Live Chat at"

Can find it in there on the home page, neither if i logon in that page

Dear Hiveon
I have the same problem
I already contacted you on chat, they told me to wait for 30 days.

That’s not a problem. If you’ve requested payment you.l be paid within 30 days

How can I check that you have the request for payout registerd???

Did you speak to a support staff or the online chat bot?

Online chat bot, didn’t got an oprion to speak to some one

And did the chat bot reply saying your payment would be processed within 30 days?

Some one said on another thread that you didn´t have any open request for payment.

Pn the other hand the payment is going to go to the mining wallet, so why make it so slow when on the questionx of the bot your not asking for the amount of gas fees?

So you did request and the bot said you’d have your payment processed within 30 days?

Yes and one of your team mates said on another thread that you didn´t have any open request for payment. Which one is correct, you have request that would be processed some time during the next 30 days?

Which other thread? Can you link to it here?

Can you answer a simple question? ,if so can you modified the bot so it can send a confirmation email for the request that have been made and are waiting to be process?

If the bot said your payment will be processed, it will be processed.

What tread did someone tell you otherwise? Can you post a link so I can read what was said?