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How to get the watts down

Hi Guys, I’m a beginner so trying to learn!
Can someone tell me how to get the watts down further?
Currently i’m at 31.23 MH and 95W

These are my settings:

reduce core voltage

I’ve tried that, but then the gpu crashes.
Also I’ve tried to reduce the dpm value, but then nothing happens…
Do I have to restart when I change value?

Does seem like a power hungry card. You dont need to restart.

I have Gigabyte RX 570 hynix so maybe not a perfect comparison. 30.24 m/h @ 72w could get more with higher OC, but i prefer to get better power economy. try dropping your OCs a bit?

Did you try aggressive undervolt setting?

Also have you BIOS mod?

I did try same settings as your pic & my card went up to 31.45 M/H @ 78w FYI. So that card does use high power.

I have the same card just my memory ends in 325FB. i am sorry to say but under 92W you cant go. its power hungry. It was really strange to me how other people get 75+W and get 31 Mhz.
whats strange to me is you get 31.22 with these settings. Did you bios mod it ?
After i bios mod my card i can get to 30.58 with 1112 core , 812 voltage, 800 mem voltage and 2085 memory.

Amdmemtweak ref 20 if samsung memory.

i tried ref 20. 30. 40 200 . same stuff. if somebody has modded bios for our cards , please share. Because the One click patcher got me this far. 30.58 with 94W consumption.

No one says nothing about the miner. From my point of view the number of the valid shares counts in the end. They are not every time related to value of the MH/s. What is the point if u see 33 MH/s on UI and you have 26 on pool with lot of stale shares. If you need to see more MH/s try phoenixminer.

this is luck factor that you talk about. in the miner is what you send to the pool ( reported speed ) Effective speed or realtime hashrate, is the luck factor but in reality is the real speed you currently mine. The average is they think that matters the most and if you can make your card mine 32MH/s that means that average after 24h or 1 week should be 32mh/s or better if you have positive luck , lower if you have negative luck. i managed to make the GPU mine 32mh/s but with 102W consumption…

Thanks for the reply, yes I did run the bios mod.
I’ve reduced the core voltage and somehow it didn’t crashed like before.
Maybe because I’d lowered the dpm value?
Anyway it did the trick, know I got 31.25HM with 90W, it’s not much but still 5W.

Yes I did run the bios mod and now I lowered the core voltage.
It’s running better then before, maybe because I also lowered the dpm value, I’m getting 31.25MH with 90W. Here are my settings, maybe it will work with yours.

Yes, I’d noticed this also and changed it.
Thanks for the headsup!

My core cant run on 1150 with 810 volts it needs atleast 831. Can you upload somewhere your bios so i can check it with polaris editor

i get 31.22 now with 96watts.
core 1137, voltage 831, Memory 2150, mem voltage 800, Aggressive undervolting on and ref 20

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